Why I’m a Rappler

Stacy De Jesus
Why I’m a Rappler
To be Rappler is to fight for the truth no matter how hard

I joined Rappler by chance but I stayed by choice.

I remember soaking wet under the rain as a 13-year-old little girl with half a kilo of rice in hand. I was passing a nearby school on the way home and I heard students – about my age – reading a poem together.

Maybe next year, I thought, my family would be able to save enough money so I could go back to school. (READ: I’m not from one of the best schools. So what?)

I knew we had financial problems, but it was at that moment that it really hit me that we were very poor. I knew it was not right that I was not in school. I knew we needed help, but I didn’t know where to get it. To find hope in a hopeless place was a challenge and my family fought that battle every day. At that time, I wished for my story to be shared because maybe, it would move someone to fight for or with me.

Early on, I was aware of the power of storytelling. A decade later, in 2012, I joined Rappler because I continue to believe in that power.

My objective was simple: to overcome poverty. When I finally did, I dreamed that others overcome poverty too.

It was a risk to leave a famous TV network for a new brand with no certainty of stability 5 years ago but I stayed because I found myself in a place with people who share the same idealistic dream. Here, we are constantly pushed to make it happen.

Nowadays, we are targeted because we stay true and do not succumb to pressure. This company has encountered a number of storms (literally and figuratively), but we have survived and thrived. I am most proud, though, of the fact that 5 years later, our values remain.

To be Rappler is to tell truthful stories.
To be Rappler is to be accountable. 
To be Rappler is to fight for others. 
To be Rappler is to remember that public service is not about money, fame, and engagement.
To be Rappler is to uphold the values of humanity in the face of hatred and anger
To be Rappler is to #InspireCourage in the face of oppression, threats, and attacks. 
To be Rappler is to take a stand against the abuse of power. 
To be Rappler is to fight for the truth no matter how hard.

Behind the stories that you read on Rappler are real people, who made a decision to stay in this profession even if it’s under duress more than ever nowadays. Meet more of us and get to know the reasons why we’re here:

Everyone can be a Rappler. Meet Lou Guepela, a disaster risk reduction advocate and Mover for Agos

The truth is under siege and we will continue to fight for it, but we cannot do it alone. Help us fight for this cause. Help us stay free and independent of political pressure and commercial interests. #SupportRappler. Be a Rappler. – Rappler.com

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