The failed state of Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Patricia Evangelista

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She believes that the idiocies acted out in court may be intended to precipitate a stroke or a heart attack, or were designed deliberately to make her lose her temper

PATRICIA EVANGELISTA. Photo by Raymund AmonoyHer honor wishes to make a statement.

Let the impeachment court be aware that she finds the prosecution simplistic and laughable, and she would be laughing had she not been praying with all her heart that God strike her dead.

Her name is Miriam Defensor-Santiago and she is a justice of the highest order. She would like to reiterate the fact that not only is she a former law professor; she is also a future judge of the International Criminal Court.

She is angered by the idiocies voiced during the impeachment trial, and would, in fact, prefer to die—not once but thrice—instead of suffer hearing the ridiculous points raised against the impeached Chief Justice.

Although it is uncertain whose small minds she is insulted by—if she means the prosecution or the entirety of a house that has mistakenly attempted to oppose her logic—she is insulted by the way these minds run.

She has repeatedly questioned the competence and mental sanity of the prosecution. She questioned the IQ of University of the Philippines students who have committed the indecency of executing an early survey on the Chief Justice’s fitness, and demanded they be kicked out. She has berated the men who have spoken outside of the senate proceedings, calling them arrogant and foolish and their actions contemptuous of the court.

She treats requests for more time from the prosecution as a lack of neurons and is aghast that the sub-mental cretins who are her enemies have the gall to believe they have the power to control her personality.

She refuses to succumb to illness, as she does not want to give her political enemies the pleasure of dancing on her grave while chortling like contented snakes—although it is indeed still debatable whether snakes hiss or chortle, contented or otherwise. She would like to remind the public that she was a sitting judge of the Regional Trial Court, the only one in the senate panel.

She has grilled and berated, screamed and railed and shrieked and howled; she has pointed and insisted and called everyone who did not agree with her honor Miriam idiots and fools. She has humiliated civilians and congressmen alike, and made insinuations against opposing senator judges. She has reduced prosecutors to students who should be whipped by rulers. Fools, she called them, arrogant fools, and introduced stupidity as a new ground for contempt of court, stupidity so profound that she felt like creeping back to bed and adopting a fetal position.

She believes that the idiocies acted out in court may be intended to precipitate a stroke or a heart attack, or were designed deliberately to make her lose her temper.

The spectacle she makes of herself is the responsibility of the prosecution.

And even if she is the same judge told at the height of her long hysterical explanation of vote to wind down by the senate president, she does not accept length or hysteria from anyone else. She infers that all who digress are playing to the television cameras, and complains of too many sentences required to say one word.

She complains she is tired of the prosecution’s voices, and has risen in righteous anger in the face of prosecutors who question procedure. They cannot dare raise questions about her authority. They cannot heckle her. They cannot discuss with her. They cannot argue or rebut or disagree.

She is the judge. She presides.

It will be a cretin of incredible idiocy who will question her word. She is, after all, the only member of the senatorial panel deciding on the impeachment case against Chief Justice Renato C. Corona who can claim to have had experience as a justice of the Regional Trial Court. In the event that this is forgotten, she is here to remind you again. Her name is Miriam Defensor-Santiago, and all who know this should know fear.

She believes that the machinations that have deposed His Honor Chief Justice Renato C. Corona signal the politicization of the judiciary. If he is deposed, it means that all who have deposed him are good, honest men, and this is illogical, as the Philippines is known internationally as a nation of the corrupt. To remove him is proof of the failure of the Philippine state, so sayeth her honor.

That the Chief Justice used a loophole in the law is irrelevant, because there are other loopholes. That he misrepresented his wealth does not matter, because others also misrepresent. All who judge him are hypocrites; all who condemn her are fools and puppets.

She is a judge and the judge will preside, and because she is Miriam Defensor-Santiago, void of hypocrisy and drama, future judge of the International Criminal Court, embodiment, as all judges must be, of probity, independence, integrity and propriety, she will have her say, and may God strike her down instead of condemning her to this nation of fools. –

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