RH bill hates life

Archbishop Oscar Cruz

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The RH bill does not like life, hates life, wants to do away with life!

Archbishop-Emeritus of Lingayen-Dagupan Oscar Cruz Human life is a gift. It is a gift because nothing and nobody can give it to itself and oneself, respectively. In fact, even a dear little plant laying fast sleep in the heart of a seed needs the rain and the sun to wake it up to life.

It is a gift because it has no price tag. It is thus priceless as it neither bought nor sold. Everything else has a price: Public offices with the power, wealth and influence that go therewith are for sale. Even the biggest and purest diamond in the whole world can be bought for the right price. This is the reason why suicide is downright contrary to reason – considering that even a stone refuses to be broken into pieces.

Human life is a special and precious gift. With the gift of human life goes a host of complimentary faculties with their signal inherent attributions. There is the body and not simple endowed with all the five sense but also the built-in uncanny capacity for self-preservation. There is the mind not only to know but also to think and reason out. There is the will to act or stay still. There is the spirit to dream, to aspire and reach out beyond the here and now – plus the potential to be extraordinary brave and dedicated, to be admirably fearless and heroic.

Human life is a distinct and singular gift.

Here and now

The following convictions and persuasions are not only true for those who have faith but also for those who hold on to a sound culture with its pursuant upright value system: One, human life has a beginning but has no end. Two, human life begins here and now but goes on hereafter and beyond. Three, the expression “Life after death” becomes more true in terms of “Life after life.”

All these realities bring to fore the following standard tenets: First, the human person has God as its Origin and Destiny. Second, the human person is made to the Image of God, the One and Only Creator. Third, the human person is the reason why Christ became Man, suffered, died and resurrected from the death for the redemption and salvation of humanity.

Without human life, what is human dignity for? What are human rights all about? Without human life, what is the purpose of knowing the truth, of observing justice, of having peace? Without human life, what is worth having and keeping?

Without human life, where will society come from? What is a State for? Without human life, what are the moon and the stars for? What for is socio-economic development and progress? What for is a government – and what for are public officials? – from the might palace to the lowliest barangay?

The Reproductive Health bill does not like life, hates life, wants to do away with life! – Rappler.com

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