IN PHOTOS: Remembering the 2004 tsunami
IN PHOTOS: Remembering the 2004 tsunami


Images from the commemoration of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami from across the region

JAKARTA, Indonesia – On December 26, 2004, a 9.3-magnitude earthquake off Indonesia’s western tip generated a series of massive waves that pummeled the coastline of 14 countries as far apart as Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Somalia.

The disaster left more than 220,000 people dead across the region, of which nearly 170,000 were in Indonesia, 31,000 in Sri Lanka, 16,400 in India, and 5,400 in Thailand, according to an official count.

Two hundred people were killed in other Asian countries hit by the wave, while 300 perished in East Africa.

The entire international community was affected by the disaster. Out of the 5,400 casualties in Thailand, nearly half were foreigners representing 37 nationalities.

Ten years later, prayers, tears, and solemn visits to mass graves marked commemorations Friday across tsunami-hit nations.

Here are images from the commemorations across the region, from Aceh to Phuket and beyond.

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