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Why should you register as a user on Rappler?


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Why should you register as a user on Rappler?
Rappler stories will remain free, and registered users will get to have a better experience on our new platform – Lighthouse

As Rappler’s loyal reader, you’re probably wondering why you’re being asked to register on the site. The most important thing to keep in mind is this won’t cost you. 

When you’re registered as a Rappler user, you can access content that allows you to engage and connect with other loyal readers and communities. This allows Rappler to serve you better. 

Once you sign up, you can easily choose stories, topics, and advocacies that are closest to your heart. Rest assured that unlike other sites and platforms that abuse the privacy of your data, Rappler makes sure that you and your data are safe.  

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Add Rappler to your mobile, desktop home screen

Below, we answer a number of questions related to our user registration policy:

Why should I sign up? What are the benefits?

We are not putting up a paywall for Rappler’s content. We are inviting loyal readers like you to register after your fifth Rappler article for the month. Why are we doing this? 

Aligned with our mission to build communities of action, we want to nurture a more meaningful relationship with you through events, campaigns, and calls to action that you can join.

As a registered user, you will be able to signal to Rappler the stories that you want, the topics that make you return to particular sections, and the types of advocacies and campaigns that you want to join. Registering will also allow you to manage subscriptions to updates on topics you are interested in. For instance, if you’re interested in the 2022 Philippine elections, the website will show you election-related stories, as well as existing webinars you can attend.

You will also have access to the events, campaigns, opportunities to volunteer, and other calls to action that MovePH, Rappler’s civic engagement arm, organizes. 

It’s a crucial time for the Philippines – with less than a year to go before we elect our next president. Our promise is to continue making journalism, community, and technology serve the greater good. 

Having you as a registered user will help us harness the power of journalism to give truth a louder voice and shine the light on stories that will shape our future.

What do we do with your data?

As you must know by now, Rappler has always been a strong advocate for protecting everyone’s online data privacy.

We commit that the personal information that you provide us won’t be shared with any of our third-party partners without your consent.

Through our civic engagement arm MovePH, you may be asked to supply us with information we need to contact and continue engaging with you when you sign up for our events and campaigns. In special cases where we may need to share information with our partners for co-hosted events, we make sure to disclose this with our audience as they register for the event. You can read more about our data privacy policy here

You can always exercise your option to request for data deletion under data privacy laws. We promptly respond to requests sent to dpo@rappler.com.  

Will my information be secure?

At Rappler, we’ve put in place several mechanisms – like using https which protects data security – to prevent breaches and secure the website from any vulnerabilities. By doing so, we protect you and your data. 

Information about your reading behavior on our site is also anonymized, tracked through first-party cookies or through the data we directly collect. This means you have power over your own behavioral data and that you have the option to instantly delete it by clearing your browser of cookies anytime. – Rappler.com 

Do you have any questions about our user registration policy? Email us at feedback@rappler.com.

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