Rappler 10th anniversary

WATCH: The moments that made Rappler

WATCH: The moments that made Rappler
For 10 years, we've covered the biggest stories on the smallest of screens. Revisit digital history with this audiovisual trip through the archives

The once buzzing Rappler newsroom has gone hollow over the course of the pandemic, and yet, we are reporting more than ever in the virtual space. It is a testament to Rappler’s legacy as a pioneer in digital news.

Now, as we celebrate our 10th year online, we look back at the biggest stories that shook our organization and shaped the Philippines’ digital history. From the 2011 impeachment of then-chief justice Renato Corona to the onset of the 2019 novel coronavirus, we take you on an audiovisual trip through the archives with this cinematic newsreel.

Watch and remember how far we have all come in this unpredictable era. At 10 years old, Rappler is now braver and stronger than ever, thanks to your support.

Together, we will courage onward. – Rappler.com

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