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About Reynaldo Santos Jr

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Reynaldo Santos Jr, or Rey, is senior researcher/writer of Rappler.

Right after finishing his journalism degree at the University of the Philippines in 2007, he joined Newsbreak as a writer/researcher.

He co-authored the book The Seven Deadly Deals: Can Aquino Fix Arroyo's Legacy of Costly and Messy Projects?, where he wrote a chapter about the Metro Rail Transit, in 2010. He also did research for the book The Enemy Within: An Inside Story on Military Corruption in 2011.

He resigned from his media job twice, but ended up returning twice as well. He's not contemplating a third resignation for now.

Rey used to teach English to Koreans for two years, but never learned to speak his students' language. He got a guitar as a birthday present some few years ago, but only knows simple plucking until now. He learned how to cook dishes like adobo and tinola at the age of 10, but has forgotten them all due to lack of practice. He wishes to completely learn them all before he reaches 30.

He is very intrigued by the people who share his surname. His dream project is to trace its origins and create a family tree to include all the Filipinos named Santos.