Analette Abesamis

Analette has always been a tech savvy news junkie. She was taking pre-med when she (accidentally) joined Saint Louis University's Official Student Publication. She started as a layout artist and eventually became one of the editorial consultants during her post grad years.

She joined Rappler in 2011 as employee number 20. She started as a developer, graphics artist, network admin, and occassional teleprompter and writer for little Rappler.

In 2012, Analette started prototyping Rappler's disaster and climate change information platform, Project Agos (now called Agos powered by eBayanihan). As Agos continues to improve and grow, Analette moved from being one of its developers to being the Project Manager.

In 2018, Analette started writing scripts and producing videos for Rappler.

Analette also writes about theater and tennis. She is a huge fan of Lea Salonga, Simona Halep, and Roger Federer.

Oct 2019
BLOG 04:00pm, Oct 16, 2019
Sweeney Todd Manila: The dark side of Lea Salonga

Director Bobby Garcia calls it 'Hot Wheels Sweeney Todd,' and you will understand why the moment your eyes hit the stage. It's different. Radically different from what you would expect if you have ...

Oct 2018
BLOG 08:04pm, Oct 21, 2018
Lea Salonga's 40th: Unapologetically authentic

Lea Salonga always opens her show with her little brother's overture. It's one of the things I look forward to as it provides an overview of things to come. For Lea's 40th anniversary concert, ...

Jun 2018
BLOG 08:00pm, Jun 09, 2018
The cruelty of mental illness

Many were shocked by the news that Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain died by suicide. Everyone is asking the same question: Why? The deaths have again put the spotlight on mental illness. The ...

Feb 2017
BLOG 08:55pm, Feb 19, 2017
The overwhelming art of Lea Salonga

Have you ever seen a Claude Monet painting in real life? Or perhaps Roger Federer playing on Centre Court? I have. And being immersed in Lea Salonga's "Songs from the Stage" concert reminded me of ...

Oct 2016
INDONESIA 08:15pm, Oct 29, 2016
LIVE BLOG: Malam puncak 'Miss Earth 2016'

Ikuti seluruh rangkaian acara puncak ‘Miss Earth 2016’ yang digelar di Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Filipina, Sabtu, 29 ...

Jan 2015
THE WRAP 12:34pm, Jan 04, 2015
2015 International CES: 'The Internet of things'

The vast 2015 International CES, one of the world's biggest electronics fairs to be held in Las Vegas January 6-9, shows how technology is permeating virtually all sectors of life – from ...

Jun 2013
THE WRAP 11:26am, Jun 20, 2013
Obama in Berlin renews call for nuclear disarmament

US President Barack Obama issued a call for Russian and US nuclear arsenals to be slashed in a speech at Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate on Wednesday, June 19, and warned Western governments ...

THE WRAP 11:26am, Jun 20, 2013
Shell says Serendra gas has odor, witnesses disagree

While Serendra's supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) said it adds an odorant to their gas, witnesses in the May 31 Serendra blast claim otherwise. In an interview with GMA News Online, Roberto ...

THE WRAP 11:25am, Jun 20, 2013
China: North Korea ready to rejoin nuclear talks

North Korea on Wednesday, June 19, said it was willing to resume stalled nuclear talks, its ally China, said. But the US, Japan and South Korea were unimpressed and called for action instead of ...

THE WRAP 11:25am, Jun 20, 2013
DFA orders embassy staff to come home

Foreign affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario has ordered the 3 alleged sex "predators" abusing overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East to "board the plane the soonest possible time," come home, ...