Shakira Sison

Shakira Andrea Sison is a two-time Palanca-winning essayist. She currently works in finance and spends her non-working hours writing stories in subway trains. She is a veterinarian by education and was managing a retail corporation in Manila before relocating to New York in 2002.

May 2017
IMHO 09:45am, May 19, 2017
We are all Tizons

I read the story of the late Alex Tizon with both horror and heartbreak. I was heartbroken because I was reminded of my own hired mother, and the guilt I also carry for this woman who was with my ...

Aug 2016
IMHO 08:09am, Aug 10, 2016
An empathic minority

Welcome to the Philippines, where giving a damn is the new taboo. Where joy meets each dirty dead body that is found. Where a woman holding her murdered husband is mocked for her "drama," as if ...

Jun 2016
IMHO 03:05pm, Jun 28, 2016
10 things Christians can do to apologize to the LGBT community

In a historic move, Pope Francis said during an interview that the Church must apologize for marginalizing LGBTQ people. Despite this Catholic leader's progressive stances in the past, a statement ...

IMHO 11:17am, Jun 16, 2016
You cannot kill LGBTQ pride

You cannot kill us. Even if our bodies are scattered in a dark and silenced club after a coward opened fire at our happy and proud selves, you will never kill all of us. You don't scare us. Even if ...

May 2016
IMHO 02:48pm, May 13, 2016
Things to look forward to in a Duterte presidency

"Are you dismayed by the results of the elections?" My mother asked. "Yes," I said, "but that is the will of the people and they have decided this is the president they want. Duterte deserves ...

IMHO 10:00am, May 05, 2016
Dear Digong: Please don't fail your people

Dear Mayor Duterte, When you first gained popularity, I made an effort to understand your appeal. I interviewed lawyers, business owners, writers and employees on why you were their choice. I ...

Mar 2016
#BALIKBAYAN 10:31am, Mar 31, 2016
#PinoyPride: Fil-Am sociologist wins prestigious fellowship

Every year, the Ford Foundation, one of the largest and most influential foundations advancing human welfare, awards 60 predoctoral, 36 dissertation, and 20 postdoctoral fellowships to committed ...

IMHO 09:25am, Mar 17, 2016
A leader of bullies

Take a look at any article or social media post that remotely mentions Rodrigo Duterte in a less than positive light. At the moment it is published, they come in throngs to defend their idol, insult ...

IMHO 11:00am, Mar 10, 2016
Who is the Philippines' Donald Trump?

Among our crop of presidential candidates, which one is our version of Donald Trump? Which one was considered nothing more than a nuisance candidate but is now suddenly gaining ground? Which one is ...

Feb 2016
IMHO 11:54am, Feb 25, 2016
The day we woke up and smelled our haters

It took a beloved hero to offend us, an icon worshipped and made God, having the messiah-like power to part the Red Sea of EDSA traffic during his fights. It took a runaway from the lowest of rung ...