Stacy de Jesus

This girl has been live tweeting way back when it was not yet a thing in the Philippines.

Stacy is the youngest member of Rappler's Core team. A pioneer in her field, this 20-something heads the Social Media Team.

All social media accounts that she helped developed and establish – mostly related to news – are now a few of the most recognizable brands in the Philippines for trailblazing practices now considered a norm for news outlets.

She currently resides in Manila but was born in Bacolod City and raised in a mixture of the following areas (in chronological order): Quezon City; Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia; Bacolod City; and Bago City, Negros Occidental.

While a student, she was awarded twice at the Malacañan Palace in 2007 - first as an Exemplary Leadership Awardee under the Ten Outstanding Public School Students of the Philippines program; second as a Chief Girl Scout Medalist after dedicating a year of her life to leading the push for sanitation and hygiene development and facilitating the installation of the first water system of a rural village in Bago City.

In 2010, she became one of the first social media producers and project leads for GMA Network, Inc.'s social media accounts.

At GMA, she was also part of the team that first handled their citizen journalism arm and digital news gathering efforts.

Stacy is an online stalker... because she can. In her spare time, she eats trolls-of-the-internet alive, flirts with Rappler's followers and sometimes writes the ditziest stories you can find on the site.

Dec 2017
SOCIAL MEDIA 04:31pm, Dec 23, 2017
FAKE: Comparison of 2015 and 2017 World Press Freedom Index reports

MANILA, Philippines – A propaganda Facebook page is spreading disinformation against Rappler and Maria Ressa. Again. A Facebook post by VovPH compared 2015 and 2017 World Press Freedom Index ...

SOCIAL MEDIA 05:53pm, Dec 06, 2017
Awards shows, Marawi siege, Miss Universe: Top Twitter PH moments of 2017

MANILA, Philippines – What moments did Filipinos care about the most in 2017? It was mostly about show business with 7 out of 10 moments featuring AlDub, MayWard, KathNiel, Nadine Lustre, BTS, and ...

Oct 2017
RAPPLER IQ 03:02pm, Oct 23, 2017
Mocha Uson on defensive over misleading Marawi photo from PCOO-managed page

MANILA, Philippines – A government-managed Facebook page and a communications official shared another misleading photo of Marawi. Mocha Uson, an assistant secretary at the Presidential ...

Sep 2017
BLOG 03:26pm, Sep 30, 2017
Why I'm a Rappler

I joined Rappler by chance but I stayed by choice. I remember soaking wet under the rain as a 13-year-old little girl with half a kilo of rice in hand. I was passing a nearby school on the way home ...

Aug 2017
BLOG 04:45pm, Aug 12, 2017
Profanity on social media: good or bad?

Millennials are enamored with filters. Some of us slap it on photos like crazy. But when it comes to words, we don't hold back. No filter. Some say they resort to cursing because only through this ...

Jul 2017
BLOG 10:15am, Jul 01, 2017
I’m not from one of the best schools. So what?

I am proud because I have to be. If circumstances were kinder to me, I know in my heart I would have been a colorful graduate of Ateneo or UP or La Salle or UST or whatever proud university mafia ...

May 2017
SOCIAL MEDIA 10:21am, May 30, 2017
FACT CHECK: PCOO's Mocha Uson shares wrong photo of PH army

MANILA, Philippines – She wanted to rally support for troops in their fight against terrorists in Mindanao, but in doing so, newly appointed government official Mocha Uson is caught yet again sharing ...

FACT CHECK 07:45pm, May 29, 2017
Philippine News Agency uses Vietnam photo in Marawi siege story

MANILA, Philippines – State-run Philippine News Agency reported on Saturday, May 27, about the challenges the military faced in clearing Marawi City of terrorists. And it used a photo that wasn't ...

Apr 2017
BLOG 08:00pm, Apr 22, 2017
3 reasons '13 Reasons Why' can send the wrong message

If you’re a couch potato, you may have already seen the hit Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. There's been a lot of debate on whether this highly polarizing show is sending a good, important message ...

Dec 2016
SOCIAL MEDIA 01:36pm, Dec 24, 2016
Is it P200 or P300? Encounter over wrong price tag goes viral

MANILA, Philippines – What happens when the staff of a clothing store sticks a supposedly wrong price tag on an item, then insists on charging the higher "correct" price to a customer? Well, the ...