Stay safe this flu season with this handy guide

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Stay safe this flu season with this handy guide
Don't settle for temporary solutions, target the root cause right away

An itchy throat or non-stop cough with phlegm can be a bother to have, especially as the holiday season is approaching. These symptoms are signs that you might be experiencing a viral or bacterial infection. 

Instead of looking for temporary solutions for these symptoms, it’s smarter to target the root cause of this problem for lasting relief and prevention of any serious infections in the future. 

Swift action and targeted medication is important in avoiding any serious infections, especially as the country is seeing a possible uptick of cases of flu-like illnesses being reported. According to the Department of Health, these cases have risen by 45% compared to October of last year, necessitating vigilance on everyone’s part to stop the infections from spreading further during the holidays. 

As the country’s population continues to become more comfortable being mobile outdoors, infections can spread easily as people are exposed to it in the air or on unsanitized surfaces. These illnesses may be characterized by coughs, fevers, and phlegm. Normally, our bodies’ immune system should fight these illnesses off, but medications help in speeding up the recovery process as these infections have a potential to worsen if left unattended for too long. 

If infections remain persistent, the bacteria or virus can develop and cause more serious ailments like pneumonia. Address it too late and the sickness can become severe to the point that over-the-counter medicine may not relieve it anymore and antibiotics must be taken. 

To avoid serious infections from happening, prevention is key. Experts believe that when sick with a cough, then it’s better to be careful and mask up. Masks are most effective in protecting against viruses exiting the mouth, which is why it is doubly important to cover up when experiencing these symptoms to protect the welfare of others. 

Flu symptoms can be relieved by bed rest, drinking lots of fluids, and over-the-counter medicines to attend to fevers. On top of that, mucolytic medicines such as Solmux Advance with Zinc can be used for early symptoms of cough with phlegm, since it contains Zinc that can help fight viruses and makes recovery faster in as early as three days. Solmux Advance Suspension with Zinc, is a liquid variant with soothing menthol flavor. 

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