Healthy, delicious dishes to cook for the family this summer


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Healthy, delicious dishes to cook for the family this summer
Recreate these easy recipes by Richard Gomez using Doña Elena olive oils

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This summer heat is making everyone want to indulge in the coldest and sweetest desserts. Your social media feeds probably look like a museum of the best Pinoy halo-halo or the most colorful ice creams by now. Can’t blame them. The way that first bite of ice cream or halo-halo hits and cools your body makes going through the summer months worth your while.

And that’s perfectly fine! It’s okay to indulge from time to time as long as you eat in moderation. You can also balance these sweet treats with healthy but delicious dishes cooked with Doña Elena Olive Oils.

Olive oil has long been linked to longevity. Multiple studies have shown that those who consume olive oil – especially to replace unhealthier counterparts like butter, margarine, or mayonnaise – have lower risks for cardiovascular diseases, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, or lung disease. It’s because olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that help lower bad cholesterol, reducing the risk of many diseases.

Here are some recipes by Richard Gomez using different kinds of Doña Elena olive oils to help you start cooking and eating healthier this summer. 

Beef Broccoli with Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil

A hearty dish is a good balance of protein and greens just like this beef broccoli dish. It’s an easy-to-follow recipe, perfect for lazy summer Sundays or even fancy alfresco dinners under the stars. You will only need the following ingredients: Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil, beef tenderloin sliced into thin pieces, broccoli, ginger, garlic, onion, cornstarch, water, salt, ground black pepper, and sesame oil.

The first thing you need to do is to marinate the beef in a mixture of oyster sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, chili flakes, pepper, and cornstarch. Set it aside while you blanch the broccoli in salted boiling water for one minute. Once that’s done, rest the blanched broccoli in a bowl with ice to stop it from cooking.

Next, heat Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil in a skillet, sauté some ginger, onion, and garlic. Add the marinated beef, season with salt. Add the broccoli. Drizzle with sesame oil, mix well. You may add more water for more sauce. 

Why Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil?

Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil is the most ideal to use in this dish because it’s the most versatile among the Doña Elena variants. It has a higher heat tolerance than extra virgin olive oil, and does well for everyday cooking.

WATCH THE FULL RECIPE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYqnNfcOjUI

Shrimp Okoy with Doña Elena Pomace Olive Oil

If you’re looking for a comfort food with a crunch, you might want to try this hearty shrimp okoy generously stuffed with squash, bean sprouts, and shrimp. These are the ingredients you need to prepare: Doña Elena Pomace Olive Oil, Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for the finishing touches), green onions, cornstarch, flour, egg, water, ground pepper, bean sprouts, squash, shrimp, paprika, chili, vinegar, and soy sauce.

The first thing you need to do is to peel the squash and cut it into thin strips. Prepare the batter by adding flour, cornstarch (Goma’s tip: Add extra cornstarch if you want it extra crispy), one egg, a generous amount of garlic powder, freshly ground peppercorns, salt, paprika or atsuete to add color, water. You can adjust by adding more water or flour to achieve a runny consistency.

Assemble the okoy by scooping some batter onto a plate, layer the squash and sprouts, add more batter as needed, top with shrimps, add more batter as desired. Carefully drop the mixture into a pan with hot Doña Elena Pomace Olive Oil, which has the highest heat tolerance among the three variants. Leave unbothered for 2-3 minutes before turning it over.

You can also make a simple dipping sauce with vinegar, soy sauce, ground pepper, and sliced red chilis. For added flavor, drizzle the cooked shrimp okoy with Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil before taking a bite!

Pair this with a sweet and iced beverage like a punch or a fruit shake, and you’ve got yourself a satisfying afternoon snack.

Why Doña Elena Pomace Olive Oil?

It has a high heat tolerance which is ideal for roasting and deep frying dishes like the shrimp okoy.

WATCH THE FULL RECIPE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOsbwm_PXR4

Overstuffed Deli Sandwich with Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Imagine bringing the fam for a picnic under a large tree. You’ve got your drinks and your board games; all that’s left is a filling snack to complete the set. Here’s a no-fuss recipe that would make a great addition to your afternoon off. This overstuffed deli sandwich uses aioli dressing made with extra virgin olive oil instead of mayonnaise for a healthier alternative. 

These are the ingredients you’ll need: Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sourdough baguette, deli ham, salami, alfalfa sprouts, coppa ham, cheese, ground pepper, salt, egg, and garlic.

To make the aioli dressing, mix one egg yolk with six cloves of crushed garlic. Add a pinch of salt. Slowly pour in Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil while carefully stirring. Finally, add freshly ground black pepper. 

Slice the baguette and lightly toast. Assemble the sandwich by first drizzling aioli on the bread. Add pieces of arugula, deli ham, salami, and coppa ham. Top with alfalfa sprouts. Drizzle more aioli on the other slice of baguette and finish with cheese slices.

Why Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the least processed oil among the variants so it makes a flavorful combination with herbs and spices like garlic. It is also rich in Omega-9. And because extra virgin olive oil is mechanically pressed and processed without heat or chemicals, it also has higher antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties than regular olive oil.

It’s the variant best enjoyed at room temperature, in dips or dressings because of its rich taste and aroma. 

WATCH THE FULL RECIPE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl9AtIvLVrg&t=16s

Feeling hungry? Cook one (or two!) of these hearty dishes with Doña Elena olive oils today. If you want more recipes, you can follow the  Doña Elena Cusinera Club on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. – Rappler.com

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