Mana kay tatay? Proud dads share kids’ ‘Laban ng Katawan’ milestones

Jaco Joves
Mana kay tatay? Proud dads share kids’ ‘Laban ng Katawan’ milestones

Photos courtesy of Chito Miranda's Facebook page

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Outdoor play is an effective means to help children develop their #LabanNgKatawan. #TatayNaMayLaban Chito Miranda said so himself that he wants son Miggy to get dirty, play in the rain, and climb a tree – as inspired by his own active childhood.

However, due to the challenges of our present situation, kids can’t play outside whenever they want to. But on the flip side, these big balls of energy still need an ample amount of physical engagement because leaving them glued to screens for hours is equally detrimental to their well-being. Their eyesight needs taking care of, and occasional respites from online classes are more than helpful.

So what should you do?

Get ideas from these submissions by fellow astig (cool) daddies, who found ways to foster their kids’ #LabanNgKatawan safely amidst the situation. Chito challenged followers of his Facebook page and the Tatay Time page, a page he created for all things related to fatherhood, to showcase their little ones’ laban (strength) in all aspects – and they surely delivered.

A few of them, inspired by Chito and Miggy’s “tatay (dad) time,” made sure the coast is clear in their neighborhoods to let their kids pedal around in their bikes and scooters:

Meanwhile, this kid is more of a runner.

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Chito Miranda’s old-school tricks to raise a modern ‘Batang May Laban’

This dad has passed on some plantito tendencies to his son:

Also, we might have just found our next boxing champ.

This kid is a musician in-the-making just like Chito.

And he can already start a band with these two:

One #NanayNaMayLaban can’t help but join in the conversation to flex her daughter, who she can already entrust with household chores.

Finally, daddy Tanjo Narciso was more than proud to share his kid’s many hobbies – basketball, skateboarding, and flying kites.

Nutrition with a PLUS is key

Keeping them moving and busy, whether indoors or outdoors, is one thing, but nourishing them through appropriate diet PLUS the right nutrition is another. With #LabanNgKatawan activities come palaban (serious) responsibilities.

Chito previously emphasized the importance of ensuring Miggy’s needs: “Kailangan confident ako na nabigyan ko siya ng sapat na laban ng katawan. May immunity PLUS growth PLUS energy. Mapapalaro ko siya sa labas nang ‘di ako nagwo-worry.” (I want to be confident that I’ve given him the strength his body needs. Immunity PLUS growth PLUS energy. I can let him play outside without worrying.)

One sure way of giving your children their body’s needs at a crucial stage of development – during these uncertain times – is to ensure that they have a balanced diet with PLUS support nutrients such as Bonakid Pre-School 3+. Just ask this proud grandmom:

Bonakid Pre-School 3+ has the immunity, growth, and energy nutrients for your kids’  #LabanNgKatawan. As a siguristang (wise) #TatayNaMayLaban, you know that every playtime is worth it when he or she is always ready for the day, physically and mentally, like you!

Before embarking on any activity or hobby, make sure your child has the #LabanNgKatawan he needs with a glass of milk na may PLUS. Order Bonakid Pre-School 3+ now from their official Shopee store!