#CheckThisOut: A white bread lover tries Monde’s newest fluffy wheat bread

Marj Casal Handog
#CheckThisOut: A white bread lover tries Monde’s newest fluffy wheat bread
Will I finally make the healthy switch? Let's find out.

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Like most people, I love food! I love eating out with my husband, friends, and family. I am a frequent visitor of food fairs and weekend markets. I also love cooking and – when I’m not in the mood to be in the kitchen – ordering via food delivery apps.

When I hit my 30s though, I decided to be more mindful of the food I consume. No matter how much I love sugar and carbs, I’ve since switched my rice from white to brown, my milk from full cream ones to plant milks like oat and soy, and my chocolate bars from milk to dark. 

If there’s one thing that I’m finding a bit difficult to resist, it’s white bread. I simply love white bread: pandesal, monay, loaf, buns, everything! Up to now, I would still grab the white loaf bread over the healthier wheat bread when I’m in the grocery store. But we all know that white bread isn’t the healthiest option. It’s high in sugar and carbs that may cause blood sugar spikes and weight gain – things we need to avoid as we age.

The problem with some wheat bread in the market is that – as most people would say – they sometimes taste like cardboard. They tend to be hard and rough, and not pleasant to eat at all even after putting the tastiest spread. I could honestly only endure wheat bread when it’s toasted. 

That’s why I was so glad to know that Monde has come out with their own version of a fluffy wheat bread. I admit, I was skeptical at first. Can wheat bread really be as fluffy as the beloved white bread? 

Friends, I’m happy to report that, I think I just found the wheat bread that’s worthy of replacing my good ol’ white ones. 

I first tried a slice of the Monde Fluffy Wheat Bread on its own – no spreads, no fillings, no toasting, just as plain as it can be. I couldn’t believe it but it passed the ultimate bread test with flying colors, and by that, I meant I got myself another plain slice. It’s true to its promise: it’s soft and fluffy, it doesn’t feel like it has shards of wheat husks poking my mouth at every bite. 

The taste would rival white bread’s, not because it’s sweet but because it tastes like what you would expect bread to taste like. It’s hard to explain in words but imagine smelling the aroma of bread being baked that reminds you of breakfast or merienda, then transport that feeling to your taste buds. 

Of course, I couldn’t not try it with one of my favorite spreads (I know, this spread isn’t the healthiest either but moderation is always key): Nutella. And the verdict? Spreading was smooth, a bread slice could handle folding without breaking, and the spread simply complemented the already delicious taste of Monde Fluffy Wheat Bread. Unlike some wheat breads I’ve tried, my sandwich tasted like the spread and bread came together instead of two separate, competing things. 

So, if you’re a white bread lover who’s eager to make a healthier change, I can confidently recommend that you try Monde’s newest fluffy wheat bread. I assure you, it will finally give wheat bread a good name. 

Shop the newest Monde Fluffy Wheat Bread via Shopee. It also comes in half loaf which is perfect for those who live alone or with just one other person like me. No need to worry about your bread expiring! – Rappler.com

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