Hailing a motorcycle ride? Remember these #DiskartengTapat commuter tips

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Hailing a motorcycle ride? Remember these #DiskartengTapat commuter tips
We all deserve a safe and fairly-priced ride

To escape the challenges of our complicated public transport system, commuters have turned to motorcycle ride-hailing for a more convenient way home. With its quick and transparent booking process, cheap hailing fares, and speed in beating heavy traffic, no wonder it has become an alternative commute favorite. 

However, the demand for motorcycle taxis has also encouraged practices that put commuters in a pinch. If you’ve ever stood by a curb in the metro while waiting for a ride, you’ve probably been approached by a random habal-habal driver offering to ferry you – for an exorbitant kontrata price, with no guarantees on safety or expertise. On the other hand, once you look to motorcycle hailing apps for safety, you then face a bidding war to get a ride due to some apps’ pre-book tipping systems.

Your safety and money are not worth sacrificing just for a ride home. Every commuter deserves a fair and just commute, so we’re sharing these #DiskartengTapat tips for you to keep in mind when you’re out on the streets.

Check if you’re getting fair rates 

Did you know that there’s a government organization named the Motorcycle Taxi Technical Working Group (TWG) that creates guidelines for motorcycle ride fares? This matrix was created to ensure that riders get fair prices on their rides. One way to make sure that your fare follows this matrix is by asking for a receipt from your driver, where you can inspect the breakdown of your bill.

Ride with a driver with proper credentials

Government-approved riders must be registered with the LTFRB, which is mandatory for any driver under motorcycle ride-hailing apps. These credentials ensure that you are riding with a competent and trained driver, and that they can be held accountable if something goes wrong with your ride.

Don’t engage in kontrata; only tip if you want to

Protect your hard-earned money by asserting your right to fair prices. Kontrata bookings, where habal-habal riders ask you for arbitrary – and often costly – fares, is an illegal practice. This extra cost can sometimes also be disguised as tips. Remember that tips should be completely optional, and any driver who requires it is taking advantage of desperate times for hard-pressed commuters.

Practice proper rider etiquette 

Of course, we can only demand a fair ride if we ourselves are fair to our drivers. Make sure that you are practicing proper hygiene and safety practices to ensure that you both have a safe ride. Stay alert and avoid using your phone during travel, since your body’s positioning can influence the balance of the vehicle. It would also be wise to wear a face mask in public, especially on a motorcycle ride with close proximity, to help lessen the spread of illnesses.

MOVE IT’s upgraded app elevates motorcycle taxi experiences

Motorcycle taxis are a great option for commuters who need a little relief from the daily grind, and that’s why we have to protect the features that make it great by asserting fair, just, and safe rides.

With a vision to provide commuters the rides they deserve, MOVE IT has officially upgraded its app through a technology partnership with Grab. The motorcycle taxi app now touts enhanced and industry-leading safety features such as in-app driver and passenger chats, which protect the mobile number privacy of both riders and drivers. The app also has other safeguards like Share My Ride, which allows passengers to share their live location to loved ones, and a 24/7 emergency center, which gives passengers and riders easy access to emergency contacts and law enforcement. 

Harnessing the cutting-edge online mapping system GrabMap and Navigation, MOVE IT also boasts a precise pinning capability and optimized routing – effectively saving time and mileage for passengers and riders. And lastly, motorcycle taxi commuters will now enjoy a crash-free booking experience with the upgraded app’s 99.9% uptime. 

MOVE IT strictly abides by TWG’s set fare matrix, and even better – they have a Mas Murang Rides Guarantee program that gives riders a voucher for the fare difference versus any competitor with a fare/km matrix that is proven lower than MOVE IT’s prices. Championing transparency in the industry, MOVE IT also developed a fare calculator on its website to help passengers confirm if their fare is aligned with what’s been set by the government. 

Want to experience a #DiskartengTapat ride from MOVE IT? Download the upgraded app now via Playstore and App Store or through bit.ly/moveitupgradedapp. Stay updated by following their Facebook page today. – Rappler.com

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MOVE IT, a homegrown transportation solutions provider, is a ride-hailing platform that provides safe, honest, and affordable motorcycle taxi services. MOVE IT is one of three platforms allowed in the pilot study of the motorcycle taxi industry in the Philippines. It is committed to upholding the livelihood and welfare of its rider-partners through competitive income opportunities, bonus schemes, and insurance packages. MOVE IT proudly maintains low commission rates that allow rider-partners to take home high net earnings for their families.