WATCH: The PROMIL FOUR ‘Gift Swap Challenge’

WATCH: The PROMIL FOUR ‘Gift Swap Challenge’
Watch as these families try their hand in nurturing modern and traditional gifts, from drawing to K-Pop

Giftedness comes in many forms and it also changes from one generation to the next. Take the Namilit family for example, where mommy Michelle passed on her gift of sketching to her daughter Ashley, who thrives as a digital illustrator.

As with technology, popular culture plays an important role in modern giftedness. In the Pernes household, mommy Bianca dances jazz while her daughter Cassie bounces to K-Pop.

To see how these seemingly different gifts compare across generations, we invited these mother-daughter duos to take part in PROMIL® FOUR’s Gift Swap Challenge.

The premise is simple: each family tries out a traditional gift, then swaps to a newer, more modern gift. As you can imagine, each had a lot to learn about both traditional and modern gifts.

Watch as young Ashley contends with pencil and paper, and as mommy Bianca struggles to keep up with K-Pop. At the end of it all, it is clear that, no matter what the gift, giftedness requires a certain amount of talent and a whole lot of practice.

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