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Business Sense: Carving success with wooden watches
Business Sense: Carving success with wooden watches
By Narra founder Kelvin Yu talks about how he's cornering the wooden watches market

MANILA, Philippines – If you’re looking for a unique timepiece that can stand the test of time, watch this.

In this episode of Business Sense, Kelvin Yu, founder of By Narra, takes us back in time to how he started selling and designing wooden watches.

The journey was not easy, given the intricacies of making watches with unconventional materials and considering the peculiar interests of the market. Kelvin had to handle these while clocking in for his day job.

But so far, business is booming, and he hopes that his narra-tive inspires aspiring entrepreneurs.

Had enough of our puns? Sorry, we have more in this episode. –

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