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Business Sense: The sari-sari store goes digital
Business Sense: The sari-sari store goes digital
Packworks CEO Bing Tan is helping sari-sari stores get savvy with big data to navigate supply chain issues and inflation

MANILA, Philippines – The sari-sari store is a quintessential feature of Filipino culture, deeply ingrained in the daily lives of Filipinos.

The term sari-sari itself means “variety” or “assortment” in Filipino, reflecting the diverse range of products typically found in these stores.

Much like its varied offerings, ranging from basic groceries to even household items, the sari-sari store also has lots of pain points that make it quite difficult to stay afloat as a business.

In this episode of Business Sense, Packworks chief executive officer Bing Tan shares how they are helping sari-sari stores step into the digital age, as well as how big data can help these stores scale up and navigate a supply chain crisis. –

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