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Business Sense: Manulife Philippines CEO Richard Bates

Business Sense: Manulife Philippines CEO Richard Bates
Are you a hotel employee or flight attendant who became unemployed due to the pandemic? Manulife Philippines CEO Richard Bates says you may be a perfect fit for the insurance industry.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed spending habits.

A study by multinational insurance company Manulife showed that 87% of Filipino millennials and Generation Zs became more financially conscious and have started preparing in case anything happens to them.

Around 79% of millennials have some sort of insurance plan, while 92% of Gen Zs have considered life, health, or variable unit-linked policies in the next two years.

In this episode of Business Sense, Manulife Philippines chief executive officer Richard Bates talks about the pandemic’s impact on young professionals, as well as the outlook for the insurance industry in the near future.

Bates also talks about how professionals in the hospitality and airline industries may be perfect as financial advisors. –