Family members recall fondest memories of Kuya Germs

Alexa Villano
Family members recall fondest memories of Kuya Germs
'The master showman is with his master now,' son Federico says during Kuya Germs' necrological service

MANILA, Philippines – German Moreno, or “Kuya Germs” was a father figure in showbiz, known for the opportunities he extended to many aspiring stars. But he was not just a star-maker, TV host, and artist, he was a father to his only son Federico, and a grandfather to his 4 grandchildren – Jorel, Frachesca, Raffy, and Luis Gabriel or Gabby. (READ: German ‘Kuya Germs’ Moreno dies)

During the necrological service at GMA Network on Wednesday, January 13, each of the grandchildren shared their memories of Kuya Germs. Franchesca, his only granddaughter, shared how selfless her “Papa” was and that he was a simple and hardworking man. 

“Throughout his life, he was grateful. He was an extraordinary son, father, grandfather, friend, and an entertainer,” she said.

“He was a very caring person which made me realize that I wasn’t able to spend more time with him. We go out every Sunday, we get to bond, talk to him, and make kulitan.” 

Franchesca said that she wished she could have spent more time with her Papa.

“Putting all regrets aside, I’m one proud granddaughter of Kuya Germs. His values, and lessons in life, made me realize that I should be more like him,” she said.

Franchesca said that she knows her grandfather is now up in heaven with a big, beautiful stage waiting for him.

Meanwhile, Luis Gabriel joked with the audience that Kuya Germs was actually quite good at cards. 

“My first memory of him was playing tong-Its. I already knew how to play tong-Its at 7 years old,” he said adding how his nanny would be there while he and Kuya Germs played.

“Oh how I wish I could play tong-Its with him again for one last time. I know Papa made a lot of friends and helped many people to make their dreams come true. But I did not expect it to be this much, so thank you,” Luis Gabriel said.

“Papa, you deserve a long rest. I love you and thank you,” Luis Gabriel ended in tears.

Meanwhile, Federico thanked GMA-7 for supporting Kuya Germs throughout his career.

ADMIRABLE WORK ETHIC. Federico Moreno recalls how a hardworking man his father Kuya Germs was. Photo by Jansen Romero/Rappler

“My dad’s home. This has been his home for the past 45 years. I grew up here,” Federico said, adding that he would play in the network and eat at the Coop, where his dad would also eat.

Federico also took the opportunity to clarify the year Kuya Germs was born, saying it was 1933 and that the 50th anniversary tribute GMA gave him in 2013 was actually for his 60th year.

He also emphasized how hardworking Kuya Germs was, doing his radio show, TV shows, and other projects from Monday to Sunday.

“That’s how dedicated my father was. That’s how he loves his profession, his career because he prayed for it, he asked for it,” Federico said, adding that Kuya Germs even shared he would pray kneeling all the way to a church once. 

Federico also said that Kuya Germs was generous with his contemporaries and with the younger generation of stars, helping other celebrities get back on their feet.

Federico also expressed his thanks from his children, Kuya Germs’ friends, the Vera Perezes, and most of all, the Moreno family, who took him in as one of their own despite not being Kuya Germs’ biological son. He thanked the GMA Films executives, who shared an office with Kuya Germs.

For Federico, what he’ll miss most about his dad is how they would hug each other. 

“His hug comforts me on days when I’m down. His hug assures me everything will be fine,” he said.

“I’m always like a child with my father, talagang I love it even when I hug him or when he hugs me. Hug your parents, your brothers , your family. Always hug them.

Kung may mga tawag kayo sa (If you have names for) papa, I call him master. Yes master, kain na tayo (let’s eat), master, tara na (let’s go). Master, job well done. Job well done, master. Papa is home where he belongs…. The master showman is with his master now,” Federico said. – 

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