Coleen Garcia on wedding planning: I’m no bridezilla

Precious del Valle
Coleen Garcia on wedding planning: I’m no bridezilla

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Coleen Garcia places her trust in her wedding planner and looks forward to being surprised on her wedding day

MANILA, Philippines – Coleen Garcia is no bridezilla. After finding the perfect wedding planner, the actress is more than happy to take a step back and let the team take the lead. (READ: Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford to wed in 2018)

In an interview with Coleen at the press conference of Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin’s final week on Thursday, January 18, she shared that she has always been “very meticulous.”

“When I got engaged, I thought I’d be very meticulous, very picky. I want everything to go my way kasi (because) it’s my personality, eh. I’m such a perfectionist and I thought I was gonna bring that to my wedding planning,” she shared. (READ: Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford are engaged)

But Coleen realized that it’s all about finding the right people. According to her, she eventually let go and decided that she wanted to be surprised on the day of the wedding.

“I realized na ang dami nilang (they have so many) ideas. Siyempre mas magaling sila dito kesa sakin (Of course, they are better than me when it comes to this). I thought that when I walked down the aisle I’d see everything I want but now, I just want to be surprised,” she said.

“I want to see something I’m not expecting. Something na mapapa-wow ako, mapapaiyak ako (Something that will make me wow make me cry). Kasi (Because) if it’s something na I want, I feel like if may konting off, wala na (something is off, that’s it)… I want it to be something beautiful that my team, who I really trust, who I chose myself, will produce themselves. Kasi siyempre (Because of course), we don’t want to clip their wings also.”

Coleen shared that after she got engaged, she received several offers from designers, each eager to dress her on her special day. She shared that she also did a lot of research on her own, searching for top wedding designers online. But ultimately, she chose her wedding gown not based on the label but because it matched her personality perfectly.

“I searched for different portfolios. I searched for different photos then pinili ko ‘yung pinaka ako, ‘yung pinaka kami (I chose the one that’s most me, that’s most us). So even for the dress, so many names popped up, but no, I’m gonna choose the style that suits me.”

On the Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin finale

After 8 months on air, Ikaw Lang Ang Iibiigin will air its final episode on Friday, January 26. As much as she will be missing her co-stars Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, and Jake Cuenca, Coleen shared that it was also difficult to say goodbye to her character, Isabel.

“I feel like lahat ng angst ko, lahat ng negative emotions na ‘di ko malabas dun ko [kay Isabel] nilalabas, so it became an outlet for me. It became kind of a venue where I could just really try to express myself, without holding back without feeling na, ‘Ay, it’s too much.’”

(I feel like all the angst inside of me, the negative emotions that I could not express, I express by being [Isabel], so it became an outlet for me. It became kind of a venue where i could just really try to express myself, without holding back, without feeling, ‘Ay, it’s too much.'” 

FINAL WEEK. 'Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin' is down to its final week on TV. From left to right: director Dan Villegas, and the show's stars, Jake Cuenca, Coleen Garcia, Kim Chiu, and Gerald Anderson. Photo by Precious del Valle

If she’s given the chance, Coleen also wants to take on more villain roles, whether it be in a movie or in another series. Even though kontrabidas get a lot of heat online, Coleen still wants to take on the challenge.

“I’ve gone through so much hate already, so might as well,” she said, laughing.

Sin Island

Earlier this month, Coleen wrapped up filming for her new movie Sin Island with Xian Lim and Nathalie Hart. While the release date has yet to be announced, the actress revealed that it’s going to be “much sooner than you think.”

“I haven’t been this proud about a film in the longest time. I’m actually very very excited for this, kaya lang ‘di pa kami puwedemag-reveal ng details.” (But I can’t reveal details yet.)

Looking at the movie title alone, one can assume that Coleen will be playing yet another daring character on Sin Island. Without revealing anything more, she teased that viewers will get to see a “different” side of her, Xian, and Nathalie.

“All of us gave something new, something different in the film. [With] regard to showing skin, regard to being daring, regard to emotion, we all gave something different to this film.” –

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