What Cole Sprouse thinks of Manila (and where else he wants to go in the Philippines)

Amanda T. Lago
What Cole Sprouse thinks of Manila (and where else he wants to go in the Philippines)
It's the 'Riverdale' star's first time in the Philippines!

MANILA, Philippines – Cole Sprouse arrived in Manila on April 18, and since then, the Riverdale star has been spotted in areas that aren’t the usual haunts for international stars.

From crossing the streets like a local in the busy Divisoria area, to riding a jeep, to drinking a beer at a pub in gritty Poblacion, Cole has been experiencing the less-polished side of Manila, and the star seems to be enjoying every minute of it.

Cole talked about his Manila experience at an April 20 press conference for Bench, the brand for which he is an endorser.

The jeepney ride, he said, was something he “needed to do.”

“And the air smelled so good as I was flying through the city at high speeds,” he joked. 

Cole shared that it’s been one big food trip for him since he landed, which was great for a foodie like himself.

“I tried to see all of the city, as much as I could. Really, it’s been a food tour for me…I’ve just been trying to eat as much as possible. We went to one of the seafood markets yesterday and I just gluttonized myself for about an hour and we didn’t eat again until about 9:00 at which point I gluttonized myself again,” he said.

“It’s just been a process of me consuming unholy amounts of food since I’ve been here, which is pretty great.”

Cole remarked that Manila is “extremely warm” – and he doesn’t just mean the weather.

“I think for me, when I travel, I like to try and get as much of a local experience as possible…I try to stay away from the super curated, the super polished areas. So everywhere I’d walked, we were greeted with a kind of warmth and hospitality that you hope for as someone who travels but you kind of get lucky when you walk into it,” Cole said.

“Mixed with the amazing food and the nice warm weather, and the tank top, it’s been a great experience,” he said. (Cole’s choice of wardrobe while he was going around, a white tank top, was the subject of many comments from people he encountered.)

The actor and photographer said that he also wanted to visit “the islands,” in particular, Siquijor.

“My original plan was to travel around the islands and be able to see some of the beaches and lounge about on the beach for a little. Ben [Chan] and I were talking about it last night, there was a mythical, spiritual island [Siquijor] that I really would love to visit,”

Cole visited Manila to be part of two meet-and-greet events with fans on April 20.

He currently plays Jughead Jones on Riverdale, the teen mystery drama based on characters from Archie Comics. – Rappler.com

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