Nicko Falcis’ sister lashes out against Kris Aquino
'Napaka-peke mong tao,' Charlene tells Kris via social media

SISTER'S DEFENSE. Charlene Falcis comes to the defense of her brothers Nicko and Jesus in their word war with Kris Aquino. Screenshot from Instagram/@jesusfalcis

MANILA, Philippines – Nicko and Jesus Falcis’ sister Charlene has spoken up amid the ongoing social media word war and legal battle between her brothers and actress and host Kris Aquino.

The two brothers face various criminal complaints filed by Kris – Nicko, Kris’ former business manager, faces criminal complaints for allegedly misusing company funds. He has denied the charges.

Jesus, meanwhile, faces  9 counts of cyberlibel  for allegedly making “malicious and defamatory statements” against Kris. (READ: Jesus Falcis slams Kris Aquino’s camp for ‘intimidating the media’)

In a statement posted on Facebook dated January 27, Charlene took a swipe at Kris, claiming she was looking better after posting a series of photos and videos of her attending a wedding and even decluttering her stuff.

“Now you seem to be in better health. Nag-Ninang ka sa kasal ng anak ni Fortun. Nag-dedecluttering ng mga gamit mo. Bumati ka sa birthday ng nanay mo saying you are trying to be the best mom that you can be. MAGING MABUTI KA NAMANG TAO.”

(You became a godmother to the child of Fortun. You decluttered your stuff. You even greeted your mother on her birthday, saying you are trying to be the best mom that you can be. You should be a better person.)

She also called the TV host and online media entrepreneur out, calling on her to admit that her brother never stole anything.

“STOP YOUR SPOILED ROTTEN BRATTY ATTITUDE. You are turning 48 years old and wala ka pa rin pinagkatandaan.” (You are turning 48 years old and you’ve not grown up.)


In another post dated January 31, Charlene once again called Kris out, this time blasting her for going on “showbiz mode.”

You’re back to your normal self. Where is the suffering disease-stricken mother persecuting my brothers? It pains me to see you in your show biz mode again while my mom suffers everyday thinking about the BASELESS CASES you filed against Nicko.

“Tawa tawa ka na ulit. Napaka-peke mong tao. Grabe ka mag power tripping, no ounce of integrity to stand up for what is right,” she said. (You’re laughing again. You’re such a fake person. You really know how to power-trip people, no ounce of integrity to stand up for what is right.)

“Someday, all this pain you are inflicting to me and my family, will come back to you a hundredfold.”

Meanwhile, reached by entertainment website Pep for a comment, Kris’ lawyer Ricky dela Cruz said that refused to engage in trial by publicity, saying that the Falcis siblings “want to litigate the cases filed against them thru social media.

Nagsampa kami ng mga kaso. Sagutin nila sa fiscal at sa korte. Dun ang litigation.” he said.

(We filed a case. Let them answer it in the court. Litigation happens there.)

Walang saysay na paulit-ulit nilang pino-post sa fb na inosente sila at dun nila pinapaliwanag ang kanilang mga depensa. Para saan yun?” (There’s no point in posting on social media about their innocence and their defense. What’s that for?)

He added that it’s best to wait for a court decision to know which camp is telling the truth. –