Justin Bieber wants to be your ‘Boyfriend’

A more mature Bieber can be heard in his newest single "Boyfriend," released late Sunday

BOYFRIEND. The cover of Justin Bieber's newest single, "Boyfriend."

MANILA, Philippines – He wants to be your “Boyfriend.”

Just a few weeks after his 18th birthday, pop phenomenon Justin Bieber has started to embrace this new stage in his life, with the release of a new single that features an edgier, more mature sound than what Bieber is known for.

“Boyfriend,” his newest single, was released on Sunday, March 25 (Monday, March 26 in Manila). The song was co-written by Bieber along with Mike Posner, Mat Musto, and Mason Levy.

“Bieber is making a drastic change to his sound — a change that will shock some, but to most, it’s a change that only comes with the territory of growing up in the spotlight,” an article on RyanSeacrest.com said Sunday.

The single is also part of his upcoming album, Believe, which he said is part of his efforts to expand his audience.

It was previewed last Friday via a 13-second video clip, which features studio footage of Bieber recording the song.

Prior to that, the song was previewed by radio host Mick Lee. “All I’m saying…is wow…so much different than his previous music,” he said in his review of the song.

“Produced by Mike Posner…the best way to describe it is a mix of Justin Timberlake ‘Sexy Back’…N Sync ‘Girlfriend’ — AND get this…he raps… best comparison is it sounds like ‘Wait’ by the Ying Yang Twins…” he said.

Bieber even led a Twitter countdown leading to its release, teasing his more than 19 million followers with short video clips and tweets.

The song is currently available for download on iTunes’ US store. A preview is also available at RyanSeacrest.com. – Rappler.com

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