The day Oprah gave away cars
8 years after the TV event, 3 women are still grateful to the Oprah for her gift

SHOCKINGLY SUPERB SURPRISE. That car-giving episode drove Oprah's studio audience wild — in a good way. Photo from

CHICAGO, Illinois – “You have a car, you have a car! Everybody gets a car!”

The day TV’s ‘Queen of Talk’ gave a car to each member of her studio audience in September 2004 is still considered as “one of the most electrifying moments in TV history,” according to Inside Edition.

8 years after, the show tracked down 3 women who were luckily in Oprah’s studio that day; and they say the memory is still as fresh as yesterday. 

Molly Vielweber, Shearry Warren, and Tricia Nester say they had no idea that Oprah was going to give away cars that day — at least not to all of them. They thought that only one lucky audience member was going to receive that special gift.

How did Oprah do it? All the audience members were given a small gift box, and Oprah said that the winning box contained the car’s key.

But when the audience members opened their respective boxes, lo and behold, all of them contained a key! 

Tricia Nester still recalls how she jumped excitedly on her car. “I was hugging my car,” she says with a smile.

Two of the cars still run smoothly; one was sold for US$ 23,000. –

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