Levi Johnston and baby mommy #2

Has Sarah Palin's so-called nemesis finally found true love?

WHO'D HE RATHER? He wasn't ready to settle down after he got Bristol Palin pregnant. How about this time around? Photo from poponthepop.com

WASILLA, Alaska – Levi Johnston is about to become a baby daddy again.

Johnston’s 20-year-old girlfriend, teacher Sunny Oglesby, is 5.5 months pregnant with their first baby together.

Johnston is the former fiance of Bristol Palin, daughter of 2008 US vice presidential candidate and 9th governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Oglesby, a native of Seaside, Oregon, says that Johnston found her in Facebook, and that she had never heard about him before they met.

IS IT FOR KEEPS? Oglesby and Johnston, spotted by TMZ. Photo from usmagazine.com

While she looks more like a California surfer girl, Oglesby is actually savvy with guns. Johnston said that bear hunting was among one of their first few dates.

The couple plans to name their unborn daughter Breeze Beretta Johnston — yes, after a gun.

Levi’s son with Bristol, Tripp, is now almost 4 years old. – Rappler.com

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