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‘It’s really out there’: Candy Pangilinan opens up about catching COVID-19 a second time
‘It’s really out there’: Candy Pangilinan opens up about catching COVID-19 a second time

CANDY PANGILINAN. The actress isolates at home as she recovers from COVID-19.

Candy Pangilinan's YouTube

The actress cautions people to isolate themselves right away when they experience even minor symptoms

MANILA, Philippines – Candy Pangilinan has caught COVID-19 a second time and shared that her symptoms are more intense now than the first time.

Candy detailed her experience so far in a vlog that premiered on her YouTube channel on Friday, January 7.

‘It’s really out there’: Candy Pangilinan opens up about catching COVID-19 a second time

“This is the second time nagkaroon po ako ng COVID (This is the second time I got COVID). The first time was last year, December (2020),” she said.

Noong first time ako magkaroon ng COVID, hindi po sila nahawa at all (The first time I got COVID, they didn’t get infected at all),” she said, referring to her family members, including her son Quentin. 

Pero ngayon hindi ko alam (But now I don’t know), and I really hope and pray na sana hindi sila nahawa (that they didn’t get infected),” she said.

She expressed her worry about passing the virus on to her family members, saying that they may not be able to handle it as well as her. She shared that they were scheduled for a test, but later revealed that the testers did not make it to their house because they caught the virus too.

Comparing her first bout with COVID-19 to now, Candy said that she didn’t experience symptoms then, but is exhibiting the whole gamut of symptoms now: cough, fever, headache, joint pain, chills, and fatigue.

She said that while she didn’t share her first COVID-19 experience, she felt the need to do so now. 

“I had the feeling na kailangan ‘nyo malaman na (that you need to know) it’s really dangerous and it’s really out there, and you don’t know when you will get it,” she said.

She cautioned viewers to take even minor symptoms seriously, assume it’s COVID, and isolate right away.

Still, despite her situation, Candy said that she is “still very grateful because I isolated here in the house.”

“I am still very blessed. I am very optimistic of 2022, of what it will bring us, each one of us, and I pray that 2022 will be the best for all of us,” she said.

The Philippines is currently experiencing another surge in COVID-19 cases, recording 26,458 new cases on January 8 – the highest number since the pandemic began. –

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