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Tom Rodriguez recovers from COVID-19

Tom Rodriguez recovers from COVID-19

Actor Tom Rodriguez in one of his television guesting.

Photo from Tom Rodriguez' Instagram account

The actor says he's been 'clinically recovered for a little over a week' and is ready to go back to work

Tom Rodriguez revealed on Thursday, May 13, that he has recovered from COVID-19 after testing positive “a little over four weeks” ago. 

In an Instagram video, the 33-year-old actor explained his weeks-long hiatus from social media. “I was taking some time off and trying to recover, because I had tested positive for COVID-19,” he said. 

“I was quarantined for a little over four weeks. It took a while before I was deemed clinically recovered,” he added. 

Tom disclosed that he contracted the virus while he was “shooting a movie out of town.” He also added that he initially tested negative for COVID-19 via the antigen swab test, but was advised by fiancée Carla Abellana to take another PCR test before going home, in which he found out that he was indeed infected by the virus. 

The actor shared that he only had mild symptoms and they were “manageable.” “I did have fever, I did have cough and phlegm and tightness in my chest but fortunately, I didn’t have any loss of smell or taste so I was still able to eat and boost my immune system that way,” he said. 

Tom revealed that he has been “clinically recovered for a little over a week” and is currently being quarantined in a hotel before he starts his locked-in taping. “It’s great to be feeling better and back to work,” he shared. 

Tom starred in GMA teleseryes My Husband’s Lover, My Destiny and the 2015 Philippine adaptation of the Mexicanovela MariMar.  In March 2021, Tom announced that he was engaged to actress Carla