Rappler Talk: Dicta License on speaking truth to power

In the 15 years since Dicta License released its debut album Paghilom in 2005, so many and so little has changed both in society and in the hearts and minds of its members.

In September 2020, as the Philippines marked 48 years since the dictator Ferdinand Marcos placed the country under martial law, Dicta License released a new single, “Inosenteng Bala.”

It’s a song both familiar and strange for the band’s longtime fans – a sign, perhaps, of the changes in Pochoy Labog, Kelley Mangahas, and Boogie Romero’s lives as Filipinos and artists. 

For this episode of Rappler Talk, Kelley, Pochoy, and music producer Jorel Corpus talk to entertainment editor Bea Cupin about the new single, producing music in 2020 (and the importance of spreadsheets), an upcoming Dicta License album, and why they’re not shying away from the political. 

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Stream "Inosenteng Bala" here: 

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