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WATCH: Duterte’s environmental legacy

WATCH: Duterte’s environmental legacy
When Duterte won the presidency, he unveiled plans for environmental protection. But after six years, what has become of the Philippines’ rich biodiversity?

MANILA, Philippines – Six years ago, President Rodrigo Duterte ran on a populist campaign slogan, “Change is coming.” When he won, he unveiled a vision for the country, including his plans for environmental protection.

Throughout his administration, visually-impactful projects were undertaken: rehabilitation of Boracay, cleaning up Manila Bay and dumping dolomite sand, going after big mining companies and environmental violators. (READ: After 6 years, Duterte leaves Philippine environment, its defenders in crisis)

But after six years, what has become of the Philippines’ rich environment and biodiversity? Was the tough talk against environmental violators – from polluters to destructive miners and illegal loggers – effective in protecting and conserving the country’s natural resources?

What was Duterte’s environmental legacy? Watch this video. – Rappler.com

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