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Don’t be fooled: Brands get a-pranking on April Fool’s
Don’t be fooled: Brands get a-pranking on April Fool’s

IT'S A PRANK. Brands pull jokes on their followers for April Fool's.

Potato Corner, Angkas, and Serenitea's Facebook

Never trust a big announcement made on April 1

MANILA, Philippines – April 1 is also known as the day when we should be even more wary of the things we see and read on the internet.

This includes pregnancies, break-ups, new menu items, cancellations, and any other big announcement – whether from friends or from brands you follow. The rule of thumb on April 1 is: if it sounds too good, too shocking, or too disgusting to be true, it probably isn’t.

Here are just some of the pranks brands have pulled this April Fool’s. We’re happy to report that these are not real – and the world is all the better for it.

RX 93.1 ends The Morning Rush

RX 93.1 sent fans into a panic when they announced on March 31 that their popular morning show would be going off the airwaves. By the time the radio station delivered the punchline, fans were all at once relieved, confused, and even a little angry.

No more Wendy’s frosty

Hearts dropped when Wendy’s released this announcement. That winky emoji has never been more important.

Left-handed allen keys at Ikea

Those who don’t know their way around a toolbox might actually fall for this prank, which comes with serious consequences – because who walks into an IKEA store and comes out empty-handed?

Potato Corner flavored rice, anyone?

Joke’s on them, because we have a feeling people would actually be excited to try this.

How about Serenitea kare-kare milk tea?

Filed under: cursed images. Imagine sipping any of these drinks through a straw.

Or Colette’s spicy buko pie?

Colette’s says a spicy buko pie is just the thing Filipinos need in this searing summer. We know it’s a joke, but we’re actually intrigued.

A Mcdonald’s classic makes a comeback

With a mysterious GIF, McDonald’s teased the comeback of an “all-time favorite,” and it’s actually kind of accurate because who doesn’t love extra rice?

Angkas gets a makeover

The internet’s favorite comedian would of course not let the day pass without making a joke of their own – a new look, inspired by ride-sharing app (and their competitor) Grab.

‘Soya beancurd’ drink at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean’s April Fool’s menu item sounds suspiciously like your friendly neighborhood vendor’s taho – down to the extra arnibal.

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