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What the zodiac signs have to look forward to in 2022


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What the zodiac signs have to look forward to in 2022
Many of 2020 and 2021’s lessons will continue, but there are some notable bright spots in 2022, writes Rappler’s resident astrologer

MANILA, Philippines – After two years of COVID-19, it’s hard to feel excited about the year ahead. On the outset, it may feel like we are facing more of the same pandemic restrictions and challenges. 

Astrologically, some of the planetary movements that defined 2020 and 2021 are still reverberating their energy; the last exact Saturn-Uranus square, for instance, only happened in late December. This means there will be some carry-over into 2022, but there are things to look forward to, such as Jupiter, the Great Benefic, finally entering its home sign of Pisces and breaking off from Saturn. 

Jupiter, which represents our collective hope and capacity for growth and expansion, has been weighed down the past two years. It connected with Saturn, the planet of restriction, in 2020 – a rare event called the Great Conjunction – and has been traveling with it since. What’s more, both planets were close to Pluto, which is associated with death and extreme transformation. 

In 2022, Jupiter sails forward and ahead: a celestial sign that we, too, can forge a new path.

The amazing thing about time is that it is always moving forward and bringing changes, and astrology is really the study of the quality of time. As an astrologer, my hope is that we can all welcome the changes ahead with humility and faith.

Here is what’s astrologically in store for each Rising sign:


Your personal income and finances are headed for major shifts over the next two years beginning April, as a series of solar and lunar eclipses light up these sectors of your chart. Matters of self-worth and other people’s money, especially your partner’s, will be called into focus. Eclipse energy can be a wildcard, but the changes are usually needed! Jupiter traversing your sign from May 11 until October 28 is a sneak peek into a longer transit in Aries next year that brings supercharged creativity, passion, and exciting new beginnings. 


Revolution is the key word for Taureans as the North Node shifts into your sign, kicking off a year of personal growth. Eclipses throughout 2022 will activate your houses of self and of partnerships. Significant new love is a possibility, while existing relationships could undergo a shakeup. To top it off, rebellious Uranus is still in your sign, driving a need for freedom and independence, as well as a deep desire to break with traditions and chart your own path. Steady Taureans will find that they are propelling the changes they would normally shy away from!  


Your ambition is the limit with Jupiter sailing into Geminis’ career and status sector in 2022. Expansive Jupiter could offer up a game-changing new role that broadens your horizons, but also introduces more responsibilities. Whether that’s executive status at the company, or a change in status that comes from tying the knot, Geminis will find themselves going to the next level. An unusually long Mars transit in Gemini that starts on August 20 also gives a tremendous boost of energy and motivation. But when the planet of drive goes retrograde from October 30, Geminis will want to take a few steps back and pace their energy, in order to keep moving forward. 


2022 will be about breaking out of your comfort zone, socially and intellectually. Jupiter in a fellow water sign, Pisces, activates your exploration sector, while Uranus electrifies your friendship and networking house. These two planets call for open-mindedness and new perspectives. Mingling with new people in unexpected circles could help you see the world with fresh eyes. Studying and travel (with all due pandemic safety measures in place) could be in the cards for Cancerians. But somber Saturn is still in your house of taxes, insurance, and investments, so this might spell a more financially conservative year, especially where other people’s money is concerned.

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Tough but necessary relationship lessons will continue to be a theme for Leos, who have Saturn, the planet of restriction, lingering in their relationship zone. Saturn calls for maturity and patience in this area of your life, and asks, “What partnerships are absolutely necessary for my highest good, and what relationship skills do I still need to cultivate?” Like a good teacher, Saturn rewards hard work, and relationships that persist during this period will be better for it! For Leos already in established bonds, a boost in your partner’s finances or your shared assets could come in the first half of the year, courtesy of Jupiter, the planet of abundance.


Perfectionist Virgos may find themselves putting in extra effort to refine their wellness routines, with Saturn remaining in that sector through 2022. Saturn wants you to trim the fat (sometimes literally) when it comes to your diet and exercise, personal habits, and productivity. What’s more, your ruling planet Mercury going retrograde in Gemini from May 10 to June 2 lights up your career and status zone. Communication, especially on a bigger stage, will be crucial to nailing your professional goals. It’s not all hard work in 2022 though, as Jupiter’s blessings in your relationship sector could see new romance, or a bountiful business partnership. Coupled Virgos may even take their relationships to the next level!


Relationship-minded Librans should pull the focus back on themselves, and their self-care routines, in 2022. That’s because Jupiter is blessing your work sector with opportunities to find fulfillment in the daily grind. Establishing routines that bring joy, serenity, and balance will be key. Your health is wealth this year! Your famous charm could be put to good use when Mercury goes retrograde in Libra from September 9 to October 2; the planet of communication encourages you to realign your vision of yourself with how you want to be perceived. Mercury could also spotlight personal goals and relationships that need tweaking, and Librans might spend this period rethinking and clarifying before making their next big move.


Seismic shifts have been brewing since 2021 for Scorpios, with Saturn and Uranus butting heads in critical points in your chart. In 2022, the eclipses will happen on the axis you share with Taurus, marking a period of profound changes, particularly involving romantic relationships. Marriages and breakups are both possible (of course, depending on the state of your partnerships) under the extreme energy of eclipses. The nature of these cosmic events is purifying and cleansing; changes often feel inevitable, so go with the flow! Serious Saturn is in the nadir of your chart, which rules home and family. Responsibilities and obligations at home may feel weighty this year, but with these come opportunities for more solidity and structure, if you put in the work.


Blessings come from home this year for Sagittarians, as your ruling planet Jupiter journeys into your home sector. House renovations or a move on your mind? 2022 is the year to expand. Family could also play a major role in how you generate luck this year, and with plentiful Jupiter, new additions to your family are a possibility. Mars’ long journey in Gemini later in the year could fan some flames in your relationship zone. This could mean meeting a new love interest, or for coupled Sags, reigniting the passion in their relationships. But take things slow, even when it gets hot and heavy: Mars will go retrograde, giving you ample time to consider whether this flame is meant to last.


After almost three years of personal restructuring, hardworking Capricorns must now direct their famous diligence towards their bank account. Your ruling planet, Saturn, lingers in your income and resources sector this year. Financial security will be paramount, and there might be little appetite to run fast and loose with your money. Instead, 2022 is about identifying financial goals and nailing down a plan to make them reality. But that doesn’t mean Capricorns can’t let loose and get wild this year! Experimentation and exploration might be directed towards hobbies, artistic pursuits, and romantic affairs – though not the serious kind – with unpredictable Uranus in your house of fun and pleasure.


Since Saturn entered your sign in late 2020, Aquarians have been on a journey of self-discovery. The past few years have been about facing hard truths about your personality, and seeing yourself for who you really are — warts and all. 2022 will be the final chapter of this book, where Aquarians will be called to be the most mature and evolved version of themselves. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius from January 14 to February 3 could highlight this process; there could be second chances to express yourself, mend relationships, or achieve a personal goal. Benevolent Jupiter in your house of income and self-worth in the first half of the year could see a nice little bonus or commission, a new and well-paying job – or the confidence you need to seek those out!


Pisces is among the luckiest signs in 2022, with benefic Jupiter in your sign for the first time in roughly 12 years! Pisceans are set for an exciting year as Jupiter brings rejuvenated enthusiasm, optimism, and opportunities. Effort and intention will be key to harnessing Jupiter’s fortune. From April 5 to May 2, both benefic planets will be your sign as Venus enters Pisces, providing a second hit of blessings; this is an excellent time for enriching relationships, as Venus rules love and attraction. Later in the year, hard work bears financial fruit as Jupiter moves to Aries and lights up your house of income. –

Gigi is a certified consulting astrologer focusing on traditional Western techniques. She has been reading birth charts since 2014, and does private consultations over Zoom and Skype. Find her at

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