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How BGC’s Steak & Frice is redefining the steakhouse experience

Steph Arnaldo

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How BGC’s Steak & Frice is redefining the steakhouse experience
A nice surfrice! The modern steakhouse of Amado Forés lets diners enjoy good steak with rice and fries in a casual and well-lit space, veering away from the usual dated and dark concept.

MANILA, Philippines – “See you next week.”

This is what Steak & Frice’s staff will tell you as you exit the doors of the BGC steakhouse – a reminder that a satisfying steak dish need not be reserved for special occasions, but can be enjoyed as a weekly or monthly treat with friends, family, or by yourself.

BAR SEATING. Steak & Frice diners can enjoy a solo steak experience with a glass of wine, any day of the week. Steak & Frice

Redefining the typically snazzy and stuffy steakhouse experience is Steak & Frice (S&F), founded by Amado Forés of a mano fame. The modern yet cozy restaurant is “not your grandad’s steakhouse” – gone are the velvet booth seatings, dark wood walls, red tablecloth, dim lighting, fancy decor, and upscale (and many times uptight) ambiance.

SPACIOUS. Steak & Frice can seat up to 72 diners. Steak & Frice

Steak & Frice provides a homey and approachable atmosphere, still featuring a refined menu, sophisticated interiors, and elegant ambiance, but within a chill, casual, and no-frills space.

Frice and shine

The idea for Steak & Frice originated from one of Amado’s recent trips to New York – he found himself sneaking in a container of steamed white rice into the famous Peter Luger steakhouse!

To him, it wasn’t enough to indulge in a quality steak with just mashed potatoes, fries, and other side dishes. Rice is life, and Pinoys totally get it.

WELL-LIT. S&F uses tall windows and natural light to illuminate the space during the day. Steak & Frice

Returning to his home country, Amado recreated the steak-and-rice experience in his latest restaurant venture, with a witty name to match. Steak & “Frice” is a a play on “fried rice,” and also “rice and fries,” which are the two refillable side components of S&F’s three steak mains.

He worked with Hong Kong-based designer Sean Dix to veer away from the cookie-cutter steakhouse concept of dim interiors and a dated design. The space gives a little bit of Parisian bistro, NY steakhouse, and London’s charm all in one, with a mosaic of unglazed French tiles representing Ifugao weaving.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS. A private function room is also available for reservations. Steak & Frice

“We serve steakhouse classics combined with our love for rice, as well as Asian flavors, French dishes, and the Filipino hospitality and service,” S&F said, describing the dining experience in a nutshell.

A pleasant surfrice

S&F’s steak menu is simple in concept and thankfully not overwhelming to choose from. It’s streamlined into three different cuts of high-quality beef, cooked according to your chosen doneness. Each steak cut is served with thin, crispy, and salted French fries and S&F’s seasoned steak rice, alongside your choice of sauce. The steak and fries can be refilled once, free of charge.

COMPLETE MEAL. S&F’s steak cuts each come with a refillable side of French fries and steak rice. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

If you’re an indecisive diner like myself, I recommend getting the Sauce Sampler (P290), which allows you to try all options – including peppercorn, béarnaise, chimichurri, S&F steak sauce, and mushroom gravy – all of which I enjoyed, especially the fresh and herby chimichurri, the tangy steak sauce, and the peppercorn with a kick.

SAUCE SAMPLER. There are 6 steak sauces to choose from, each one tasting very different from the other. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

The steaks available are the US Ribeye (Entrecôte) 400g/14oz (P3,250), S&F Striploin 350g/12oz (P3,150), and Chateaubriand P250g/9oz (P3,150), described as the lean and succulent center cut of tenderloin.

USDA-GRADE RIBEYE. Soft, buttery, and juicy. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

The steak is seasoned simply and perfectly with just the right amount of salt, and expertly grilled until moist and juicy, then cut into easy-to-cut-through hefty strips. The US Ribeye is the “rich and buttery cut with lots of marbling,” resulting in a softer and juicier cut that oozes more of those fatty and flavorful juices. The S&F Striploin is described as a “flavorful, tender, an evenly marbled cut,” which results in a leaner steak with more substantial chew, with still some fatty bits on its sides.

STRIPLOIN. Even marbling and beefy flavor. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

Some say a plate is good to share between two, while some hungrier diners say that they could finish a plate on their own, with still enough appetite to spare.

Other sides aside from frice

If you can spare some space for S&F’s other appetizers, sides, and mains, please do so! You don’t just have to come for the steak – head chef Harold Flores’ menu is inclusive enough to offer pasta, starters, vegetables, chicken, fish, side dishes, desserts, cocktails, milkshakes, and non-alcoholic drinks.

CHEESE PIMIENTO PUFFS. Airy choux pastry houses a tasty cheese pimiento filling. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

The best-selling Cheese Pimiento Puffs (P380) are a must-try; light and airy gougeres (choux pastry cheese puffs) are stuffed with a homemade cheese pimiento that bursts with flavor in your mouth instantly. It’s a savory and cheesy cream puff that’s easy to finish and is light on the tummy as well.

BLOOMING ONION. Fun to eat with your hands, each onion “petal” is meant to be dipped into the sauce. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

S&F’s Blooming Onion Flower and Dad’s Basketball Sauce (P390) is a fun and novel starter to snack on with your fingers; a well-seasoned blooming onion is breaded and fried with spices until crispy on the outside and slightly soft on the inside. It’s dipped in a tangy, creamy, and addictive sauce that complements the natural sweetness of the white onion. This is good for two or three.

TRUFFLE CREAMED SPINACH. This veggie side dish definitely doesn’t shy away from truffle flavor. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

The Truffle Creamed Spinach (P390) is a good side dish if you’re a fan of strong truffle-infused veggies and creamed dishes.

GRILLED ASPARAGUS. Sea salt flakes are scattered atop the fresh asparagus. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

I also liked the Grilled Asparagus with Cured Egg Yolks (P390); the egg bits provided even more umami to the salt-forward veggie dish.

CHOCOLATEY. The Triple Chocolate Cake and Marshmallow Fluff is the best cap-off for a sweet tooth. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

There’s always room for dessert! It may sound heavy and decadent, but S&F’s Triple Chocolate Cake & Marshmallow Fluff (P390) actually isn’t – it’s a chocolatey ice cream cake with chocolate and cream mousses, topped with an airy torched marshmallow fluff.

STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM. Light, creamy, and fresh, with a nice crunch from the puff pastry layers. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

If you’re into lighter and fruitier desserts like I am, S&F’s Vanilla & Strawberry Millefeuille (P350) is a lovely French pastry that features delicately crisp and thin puff pastry layers with a light vanilla cream in between, with fresh strawberries on top.

ALCOHOL OR NO ALCOHOL. S&F serves a good mojito and a non-alcoholic Arnold Palmer, made with iced tea and lemonade. Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

Steak & Frice is set to make the high-grade steak experience more accessible and warm, encouraging the notion that steak doesn’t have to be exclusive to rare (or medium-rare) celebrations. As long as your budget permits (the prices are still on the higher side, but not as exorbitant as many other steakhouses), S&F is a special spot for weeknight dinners with a friend or a date on the weekend.

Steak & Frice is open daily from 11 am to 10 pm. It is located at LG Central Square, 30th Street corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City. –

For more information, you can check out Steak & Frice on Instagram.

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