[Kitchen 143] 3 more tools for a growth mindset and mindful parenting

Michelle Aventajado
[Kitchen 143] 3 more tools for a growth mindset and mindful parenting
If we do right by our kiddos, hopefully, they can improve upon the foundation we have given them, and grow into humans who are concerned for others

Just as I published the last article highlighting tools and card sets that I use when parenting my children, I found a few more ways that we can improve in positive parenthood. Always learning, I felt it was important to include other ways that we can feel supported in actively improving the way we communicate with our children, of all ages. Here are three more ways we can encourage our children to become self-aware, resilient, and conscious of their feelings.

Raising Frequencies
COMMUNITY. This workshop series from Atma Prema Wellbeing Group offers kids, tweens, and young adults the opportunity to take part in engaging sessions with Teacher Lei to express themselves while building self-esteem. Courtesy of Michelle Aventajado

Pulling from the wisdom of educators who have global experience in education, corporate coaching, healing modalities, and movement classes, Atma Prema provides opportunities for growth for students of all ages. Founded on principles of self-love, the Raising Frequencies series of classes is individualized to help shift mindsets for cultivating and sustaining a sense of well-being. 

CARDS. Created to supplement the Raising Frequencies module of learning, these cards reinforce the positive mindset needed for empowered kiddos. Cards are available at for P999. Courtesy of Atma Prema

Supplemental learning tools that can be used in journaling, as conversation starters, or in reinforcing concepts and ideas were created by the very same teachers leading the classes. Facilitators implement hands-on lessons and role play while catering to learners and building on each session as they grow.

Camp Explore

Just in time for summer, Camp Explore is offering classes for kids who range in age from 6-8 years old. 

Born from the desire of Kit and Iñaki Malvar-Llamas to better themselves, this series of flagship classes from Conscious Alchemy provides opportunities for children to become self-aware. Synthesizing the principles they have learned through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Assessment, and Conscious Parenting certifications, this power couple provides learning opportunities that are good for the whole family. 

As face-to-face restrictions now allow more opportunities to come together, Camp Explore is looking forward to providing outdoor activities and experiences for conscious campers. If you are looking for classes that you can attend with your partner in parenting, check out Conscious Parenting PH, too!

Mommy Mundo Mom Hang Outs and ‘You The Mom’ Podcasts
PODCAST. Check out ‘You the Mom‘ on Spotify. Courtesy of You The Mom

Pivoting her Mommy Mundo gatherings to an online platform has added new opportunities for Janice Villanueva and her mom tribe of all ages to connect. Coming together for more casual and candid conversations, Janice has provided fun ways to chat about all the things that mommas want to share, but would usually take a back seat to other motherhood matters.

You can catch the podcasts on both Spotify and Apple, and Hang Outs are hosted once a month on Zoom.

Mindfulness for motherhood in motion

Podcasts, personal development, summer camp, small group classes, and journaling can add to the mindful journey that parents embark upon once their little ones begin to think for themselves. Support in parenting can be found in all different areas of concern, as we encourage our children to become free-thinking citizens of the world.

If we do right by our kiddos, hopefully, they can improve upon the foundation we have given them, and grow into humans who are concerned for others, and concerned for the world we live in, while making a difference in the lives of others. –

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