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At lash! What to expect before getting your first lash lift

Steph Arnaldo

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At lash! What to expect before getting your first lash lift
This is what it's like to get a keratin lash lift at Naya Studio – plus, how to know if you should get a lift over extensions and what the process is like!

MANILA, Philippines – The eyes, chica…they never lie!

When it comes to self-care and beauty, the windows of the soul must not be forgotten, but sometimes, time isn’t on our side, especially in the mornings. If your everyday makeup look usually consists of a freshly curled set of lashes and a swipe of mascara, maybe a lash lift would make your life easier.

Lash extensions and keratin lash lifts are all the trend now; both procedures definitely add life to your eyes and overall face with little to no effort every day. However, many are still understandably apprehensive – what’s the difference between the two, anyway? Don’t extensions cause natural lashes to fall off? How permanent are they?

NAYA STUDIO. A new self-care escape in Greenhills, Naya Studio offers Japanese-inspired beauty services like brow embroidery, gel nails, and lash lifts. Photo by Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

I was one of these people until recently, after visiting new beauty hub Naya Studio located in Greenhills, San Juan City. Known for being an “organic beauty escape” that uses meticulous Japanese techniques for its nails, lashes, and eyebrows services, Naya Studio guided me along my first keratin lash lift experience, also sharing with me a guide on what to expect before, during, and after the treatment!

Team #LashLift or #LashExtensions?

Do you prefer a more natural look over a dramatic one? When it comes to beauty, are you more on the high-maintenance side or low-maintenance? Your answers to these questions will ultimately help you decide on which treatment to go for.

A keratin lash lift and lash extensions are both distinct eyelash enhancement procedures. Naya Studio told Rappler that a keratin lash lift “enhances the natural lashes and its definition by providing a semi-permanent curl and lift, lasting several weeks.” This treatment focuses on the natural lashes and does not involve adding extra length.

“Understanding the process, which involves a gentle lifting solution, is key. Expect longer-lasting results compared to traditional lash perms, typically lasting six to eight weeks,” Naya said.

A lash lift makes your lashes look permanently curled up – not necessarily darker or more voluminous – which is good for a brightened, natural look (you can still apply some mascara). With proper care, it can last for up two months, as long as you regularly brush up your lashes with a dry spoolie.

Lash extensions, on the other hand, “involve attaching synthetic or natural fibers to individual natural lashes, resulting in increased length and volume.” Lash extensions provide a more dramatic and noticeable effect, and they require regular maintenance as the natural lashes grow and shed.

Those who have events, parties, or meet-ups over the course of two weeks or a month opt for extensions because they do make your eyes significantly pop and make it look like you’re wearing heavy makeup when you’re not. However, this requires professional retouches and special home care. Your lashes are more susceptible to damage and loss, too.

If you aren’t 100% sure, Naya recommends scheduling a consultation with the studio head artist first. Not everyone is immediately eligible for either procedure; the quality and length of your natural lashes need to be assessed first. When my friend and I visited, we were told that our lashes were of suitable length and thickness for a lash lift, but mine were naturally facing downwards, which could affect how long the lift would last on me.

“The consultation also serves as an opportunity for clients to articulate their desired look, as preferences vary. It’s essential to note that both procedures have inherent limitations, and our professional guidance ensures a tailored approach that aligns with your individual goals and the natural attributes of your lashes,” Naya said.

Lash set of reminders

Lash lift it is! Naya Studio’s luxurious space is as estetik as they come – minimalist, zen, and warm, with a calming and relaxing ambiance. It’s an open floor plan, with the lash section of three beds not closed off from the nails area. The open layout actually helps make the procedure feel less claustrophobic.

We were asked to lay on a comfortable bed, complete with a cozy blanket. The process involves closing your eyes for an hour and a half, so I recommend bringing your phone and earphones with you and have a playlist or podcast ready. It’s also best to go with a friend so you have a chika buddy to keep you company during.

LASH AREA. Lash and eyebrow procedures are done in this area, with three beds separated by curtains. Photo by Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

I also realized that it’s best to not wear any makeup prior since I apparently could not wash my face for 24 hours after the procedure. When I got home, I had to make do with just a hydrating micellar water cleanser without applying it on my lashes. Naturally, my face got oily the day after, so I also recommend planning your lash session on a weekend, where you’re just staying at home the next day.

Ready for lash lift-off!

A keratin lash lift procedure at Naya Studio typically follows a gentle step-by-step process. It starts with the consultation, where Naya’s head technician first understands the client’s preferences and assesses the natural lashes for suitability.

HOUR-LONG PROCESS. Clients are advised to lay down and stay still for an hour and a half to complete the lash lift process. Photo courtesy of Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

With my eyes shut, Naya proceeded to cleanse my eye area thoroughly to remove any makeup, oils, or debris. Next was the “shield application,” where eye shields or pads are placed to protect the lower lashes and the delicate skin surrounding my eyes.

ORGANIC LIFTING SOLUTION. Naya Studio’s lash artists are extra meticulous and careful when lifting or applying your desired lashes. Photo courtesy of Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

Next, a gentle lifting solution was applied to my lashes, which, according to Naya, “helps to break down the bonds of the hair, allowing them to be molded into the desired shape.” The skill and technique of the artist comes into play here, having to meticulously and manually curl up each lash to its desired shape. Note that a chemical-like smell may emanate, which is part of the solution, and some solution may leak from the lashes and sting on the skin. I made sure to let my artist know for any discomfort.

Afterwards, it’s “processing time,” which allows the lifting solution to process for a specific duration, typically around 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the product used and the desired lift. I was advised to stay still with a fan by my face.

APPLICATION. A fan is placed to speed up the drying process, which can last up to 15 minutes. Photo courtesy of Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

Next, “neutralization” – a neutralizing solution is carefully applied to halt the chemical process and set the lashes in their lifted position.

KERATIN BOOST. Applying a keratin-infused moisturizer helps keep the lashes looking natural and not fake. Photo courtesy of Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

Afterwards, the lashes are moisturized and nourished with a keratin-infused moisturizer to promote health and resilience. Lastly, it’s completion time! The eye shields or pads are removed, and I was given a mirror to instantly see the enhanced curl and lift of my natural lashes. I was pleased with the final result – they stayed upright for a month, naturally lifted for all the holiday parties of December!

FINISHED PRODUCT. Naya Studio’s lash lift focuses on enhancing the natural length and thickness of your lashes without the need of an eyelash curler. Photo courtesy of Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

Because I wasn’t used to it yet, my eyelids did feel a bit sticky and heavy afterwards as some of the solution was still stuck on my skin until I could wash my face the next day. I could adjust any stray lashes with the free spoolie given by Naya Studio – they also give a handy flyer of post-care reminders.

I felt at ease the whole time and actually drifted off to sleep at one point during the process. Admittedly, the post-care maintenance was a bit of an inconvenience at first – having to remember all the no-nos and must-dos, which took some time to get used to. Once I got the hang of it, though, I appreciated having my lashes naturally curled and lightweight daily.

Naya’s prices for its lash treatments start at P2,000.

Lash but not least! After-care musts

“Refrain from wetting your lashes for the first 24 hours post-treatment to maximize the effectiveness of the keratin infusion,” Naya strictly reminds clients to allow the lifted lashes to fully set.

I was told to avoid any heat exposure (steam, saunas, or hot water) for the next 24 to 48 hours as heat can affect the lash lift. I also couldn’t use any oil-based cleansers from here on, as oils could break down the lift. A gentle cleanser is okay (micellar water is what I use), as long as I don’t rub my eyes. Also, avoid any oil-based eye makeup removers and heavy eye creams as they can affect the longevity of the lash lift.

POST-CARE IS IMPORTANT. Don’t forget to clean your eye area delicately afterwards – just don’t use any oil-based cream or cleanser! Photo courtesy of Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

Naya also advised to skip any waterproof mascara or eyeliner. “Steer clear of this as its removal may compromise the lifted effect. Opt for water-based, non-waterproof mascara, if needed,” Naya said, also advising not to use lash curlers on lifted lashes since it can lead to damage.

Part of proper post-care is regular moisturizing (something I didn’t get to do), which involves using a lash conditioner or a nourishing serum containing keratin to keep the lashes hydrated and healthy. I did try to brush up my lashes daily with the spoolie; on the days I’d forget, I did notice my lashes begin to droop or spread out and go awry. I also have a tendency to rub my eyes upon waking. However, the lift is pretty forgiving!

“You can also schedule follow-up appointments as recommended by your technician to maintain the lift and address any new lash growth,” Naya said. “Adhering to these post-care reminders will help preserve the results of the keratin lash lift and contribute to healthier, lifted lashes over time.” –

Naya Studio is located at Richbelt Terraces, Annapolis, San Juan, Metro Manila. It’s open from 11 am to 8 pm daily. To make an appointment, you can message them on Instagram.

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