Going to Bali? Take a side trip to Lombok – here’s what you can look forward to

Joshua Berida

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Going to Bali? Take a side trip to Lombok – here’s what you can look forward to
Lombok is home to Mt. Rinjani, waterfalls, and beaches that are better or could rival those you’ll find in Bali

When you think of Indonesia, the first thing that will most likely enter your mind is either the bustling city of Jakarta or the beaches of Bali. You’ll see plenty of photos of the latter whenever you browse TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. You might’ve already been to Bali. Indonesia is the biggest and most populated country in Southeast Asia. There’s a lot to see and discover in this huge country, if you have the time and interest. One such place you should consider including in your itinerary is Lombok. This island is home to Mt. Rinjani, waterfalls, and beaches that are better or could rival those you’ll find in Bali. 

Visa requirements

Filipinos don’t need to apply for a visa to enter Indonesia as long as their trip is within 30 days. 

Get into Lombok

For this itinerary, we’ll be combining a trip to Bali and Lombok. There are no direct flights from Manila or anywhere in the Philippines to Lombok. However, you can book direct flights to Bali from Manila. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air have regular flights connecting both places. Book your flights as early as possible to get the lowest possible fares.

Summer, Beach, Coast
SWING. Tanjung Aan. Joshua Berida/Rappler

By air

The shortest but most expensive way to reach Lombok from Bali is by airplane. There are direct flights that travel for less than an hour to Lombok from Bali.

By sea

Traveling by ferry or speed boat is your convenient and affordable option. Fare starts at around Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)200,000 to IDR310,000+++ depending on the boat type and destination pier. You’ll most likely arrive at Bangsal Pier or Senggigi Peir in Lombok. You can check this site for routes, schedules, and prices for this route.

Getting around

Public transportation is scarce in Lombok and Bali. The interval between rides is long. You wouldn’t want to waste your time waiting for a ride. The most convenient way to get around both islands is to rent a car with a driver or a motorcycle (if you know how to ride one). Renting a car with a driver is expensive but still within a reasonable price, especially if you’re traveling with at least one other person.

Architecture, Building, Person
SACRED. Taman Ayun. Joshua Berida/Rappler

You can also rent an automatic scooter for a day. Renting a scooter costs around IDR70,000 to IDR100,000 depending on the type and rental company. Renting a car with a driver cost around IDR540,000 or more in Bali and in Lombok it costs around IDR780,000 or more depending on seating capacity, destinations on your itinerary, and the number of hours you’ll use their service.


You can visit many beaches and some temples during your trip around Bali and Lombok, Indonesia. 

*This itinerary assumes you start with one full day.

Day 1

Depending on the flight you choose, you’ll either have one full day right away or half a day. I suggest spending the day relaxing on the beach near your accommodation of choice because you’ll be doing a lot of traveling for this itinerary. Popular beach destinations in Bali are Kuta and Sanur, both of which have many accommodation options. You can also stay somewhere in Ubud during your trip.

Day 2

Architecture, Building, Temple
SERENE. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. Joshua Berida/Rappler

On your first full day in Bali, you can check out some of the island’s well-known temples. The places you could include in your itinerary are Taman Ayun, Ulun Danu Temple, Jatiluwih (rice terraces), and Tanah Lot. The temples are centuries old and are within a complex in nature. Tanah Lot is located along the shore and is an impressive sight to behold. You’ll learn a bit more about Bali’s culture and history when you visit these temples.

Person, Landmark, Tanah Lot
WAVES. Tanah Lot. Joshua Berida/Rappler

Day 3

On the third day you’ll be traveling to Lombok from Bali. Depart as early as possible for the pier because it can take up to an hour and half to reach it from popular places like Kuta and Sanur. You can book a shuttle bus to Padang Bai Port through here or book one from of the many travel agencies in Bali. The ticket from Perama costs around IDR125,000 one-way from either Kuta or Sanur to Padang Bai Port in Bali. The ticket price depends on where you’ll be coming from. From the port you can book a ferry or speed boat to Bangsal Port or Senggigi in Lombok. You can also pre-book your boat ticket here

After arriving in Lombok, make your way to your accommodation. I would suggest staying somewhere in Kuta or Senggigi because both have beaches near hotels, resorts, and guesthouses. You can also stay in Mataram for more options. You’ll most likely arrive in the afternoon, so relax and unwind after a long day of traveling.

Day 4

Land, Nature, Outdoors
PRISTINE. Selong Belanak. Joshua Berida/Rappler

Start your first full day beach-hopping in the southern part of Lombok. The beaches of Tanjung Aan, Mawun, Selong Belanak, and Kuta can rival some of the best beaches in the Philippines with their cerulean waters and powdery white sand. Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak are two of my favorites. Take your time soaking in the views and swimming in the clear waters. There are also viewpoints where you can get overlooking views of the coast.

Nature, Outdoors, Sea
WIDE. Mawun Beach. Joshua Berida/Rappler

Day 5

On your second day in Lombok, check out the island’s beautiful waterfalls, Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile. The drive towards the jump-off point is quite scenic. You’ll see Lombok’s beautiful countryside along the way. You’ll need to go on a short trek to see both. It’s not too difficult and doesn’t take long. You’ll immediately hear the waterfalls as you approach. You’ll then get a chance to swim in the pool to douse off the heat.

Nature, Outdoors, Water
COOL OFF. Waterfalls in Lombok. Joshua Berida/Rappler

Day 6 

Make your way back to the port to catch a boat bound for Bali. Try to leave as early as possible. Once you’re back in Bali, head on over to your accommodation of choice and spend the rest of the day relaxing. You can hit the beaches in Kuta, Sanur, or other places near your accommodation.

Day 7

Explore a different part of Bali such as Ubud (the palace and the Sacred Monkey Forest), Tirta Empul, and Goa Gajah. The monkey forest is a mixture of nature and a temple complex with different sections. There are numerous wild monkeys (obviously) that could get aggressive, especially if they discover you have food with you. Explore the forest before heading out to Goa Gajah. The latter is small and easy to explore in less than an hour. Here you’ll find statues and relics that are centuries old. The Ubud Palace is the residence of the Ubud royal family. You can explore some sections of the palace during your visit. Tirta Empul is the farthest destination in this day’s itinerary but it’s worth a visit. It’s like any other temple in Bali with courtyards and statues, its biggest difference is the bath where many devotees and visitors go to purify themselves. After a day of exploring, make your way back to your accommodation before having dinner. 

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BATH. Tirta Empul. Joshua Berida/Rappler

Day 8

Depending on the time of your flight, you’ll either have to start early to go to the airport or have a bit more time to do some last-minute souvenir shopping. A transfer to the airport starts at around IDR95,000+++ depending on where your accommodation is. The farther away you are from the airport, the higher the cost will be.

Eight days isn’t enough to see everything in Bali and Lombok but it’s enough to get a glimpse of both destinations. If you have more time, you can do a Mt. Rinjani multi-day hike or spend more days lounging around the beaches. 

How much will you spend?

You’ll need a budget of around IDR6,200,000 or roughly P22,120 each for two persons for the itinerary mentioned above. This includes entrance fees, food (mostly budget meals), accommodation shared with at least one other person, car rental with a driver for day tours shared with at least one other person, boat tickets to Lombok and back to Bali, and car transfers. You can save more money if you know how to ride a motorcycle or join a large group planning to do the same things. – Rappler.com

Joshua Berida is a writer that loves to travel. He blogs at www.thewanderingjuan.net.

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