CONVERSATIONS: What’s your take on #PacBradley fight #SplitDecision?
Do you agree with the #SplitDecision in the #PacBradley fight?

MANILA, Philippines- Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao lost the WBO World Welterweight title on Saturday, June 9 (Sunday, June 10, Manila time), after losing to Timothy ‘Desert Storm’ Bradley via a split decision.

While Pacquiao himself has said that he respects the decision, netizens, celebrities, fans, and sports pundits are still crying foul over the results, stressing that the boxing-champ-slash-Saranggani representative won the fight. [Read: Analysis: Fight far too close for comfort]

We want to know your take on these:

  • How did the result make you feel?
  • Why did Bradley deserve or not deserve the win?
  • Do you think this is “payback” for Pacquiao’s last win against Juan Manuel Marquez?
  • Is Pacquiao’s age a factor?
  • Should Pacman entertain retirement from boxing more seriously?

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