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LIVE UPDATES: Supreme Court oral arguments on anti-terror law


What you need to know

The Supreme Court finally hears the petitions against the anti-terror law, the pet law of President Rodrigo Duterte that is seen to further endanger human rights in the Philippines.

The petitioners, represented by top legal minds of the country, will face off against Solicitor General Jose Calida, who has consistently used unconventional maneuvers to win cases before the High Court.

The debate will focus on the purpose of the anti-terror law and how it possibly violates the Constitution and other existing laws.

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Latest updates

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Rappler Recap: Day 4 highlights of Anti-Terror Act oral arguments

Day 6 adjourns

The 6th day of the oral arguments on the anti-terror law in the Supreme Court concluded at 6:23 pm. It was also the conclusion of the interpellation of the counsels for petitioners.

The oral arguments will resume on Tuesday, March 9.

Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta asked Solicitor General Jose Calida to submit their opening statement on Friday, March 5.

Associate Justice Jhosep Lopez interpellates Representative Edcel Lagman

FAST FACTS: Who is Supreme Court Associate Justice Mario Lopez?

Supreme Court Associate Justice Mario Villamor Lopez took center stage on Tuesday, March 2, as he grilled petitioners during the 4th day of oral arguments on the anti-terror law.

The long-time member of the judiciary, Lopez was appointed to the High Court in December 2019 by President Rodrigo Duterte. Prior to joining SC, he served as associate justice at the Court of Appeals, where he chaired the 12th Division and the rules committee.

He obtained his law degree from San Beda College, the alma mater of Duterte, where he graduated cum laude. According to the SC's Public Information Office, Lopez placed among the top 30 examinees in the 1980 Bar exams with an average of 85.05%.

What else do we need to know about Associate Justice Mario Lopez? Read this story.

Jodesz Gavilan

Justice Ricardo Rosario interpellates Representative Edcel Lagman

Justice Ricardo Rosario interpellates calls lawyer Neri Colmenares

Lian Buan

Justice Samuel Gaerlan interpellates lawyer Theodore Te

Lian Buan

Justice Edgardo Delos Santos interpellates Neri Colmenares

Justice Mario Lopez interpellates Alfredo Molo

Captain Ri in Supreme Court

Hit Korean drama Crash Landing On You (CLOY) somehow landed in oral arguments of the Supreme Court, when Justice Amy Lazaro Javier mentioned a hypothetical situation and named the fictional soldier "Captain Ri."

UP Professor John Molo thought Justice Javier referred to the Captain Ri, played by Korean star Hyun Bin in the hit drama CLOY. "Oh I thought a different Captain Ri," Molo said.

But the justice was just propounding a hypothetical question – what if Captain Ri, a soldier posted in Metro Manila, got tips that an IT genius at a house in Cainta could blow up 5 hospitals with a click of his finger.

Captain Ri has an address of this IT genius – is it valid and legal to secure all the houses on that street and detain them all while he investigates?

The hypothetical question was Justice Javier's way of probing whether there was a practical necessity for the tough provisions of the anti-terror law, such as the power to arrest suspects without warrant and detain them for as long as 24 days.

Earlier in the interpellation, Molo said his father was a soldier and his grandfather a local police chief and he understood the need to defeat terrorists.

"But my father and Lolo taught me that in waging a war, you cannot afford to lose the hearts and minds of the people. You cannot afford to lose constitutional values," said Molo.

Justice Javier ended the interpellation amicably, telling Molo: "Unlike the fictional character of Captain Ri, you and the rest of the team are true to life patriots. Congratulations."

Lian Buan