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Quiboloy in the US: More multi-million properties in Las Vegas, Hawaii

Jodesz Gavilan

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Quiboloy in the US: More multi-million properties in Las Vegas, Hawaii

Graphic by Emil Mercado/Rappler

A Rappler investigation uncovers two more properties estimated to be worth P262.52 million traced to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. One is a lavish mansion in Las Vegas worth about P165 million.

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Apollo Quiboloy and his controversial Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) own a multi-million-peso mansion in Las Vegas, and disposed of their Hawaii property after his legal woes began in 2018.

A Rappler investigation found that these two residential houses alone are estimated to be worth $4.73 million (P262.52 million)* in 2024, based on official tax and real estate documents obtained on Friday, March 14. 

The $2.97-million (P165 million) mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada is still owned by the KOJC.

The property in Hawaii – worth $1.76 million (P97.71 million) – was at the center of a ruse sale when it was sold in July 2018 to a company that bears the same address as a KOJC church, and whose listed owners are directly linked to Quiboloy and his group. This transaction happened a few months after Quiboloy was temporarily detained in Hawaii in February 2018. 

These multi-million homes are on top of the three previously discovered by Rappler to be linked to Quiboloy and his associates at the KOJC. These homes – one in the US and two in Canada – are estimated to be worth a total of $6.10 million (P338 million).

This means that Rappler has so far discovered four big houses currently linked to Quiboloy and the KOJC, with a total estimated value of $9.07 million (P503 million). Including the Hawaii property already sold would bring the value to $10.83 million (P601 million).

These expensive properties in North America give the public not just a glimpse, but also a front-seat view of the rich and lavish lifestyle of Quiboloy, who has been in the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most-wanted list since early 2022 for sex trafficking of children and promotional money laundering, among others. 

Multi-million mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada
Architecture, Building, House
QUIBOLOY IN LAS VEGAS. A property owned by the group headed by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. Photo from Redfin website
Outdoors, Architecture, Building
3D MAP. An aerial 3D view of Quiboloy’s property in Las Vegas. Screenshot from Google Maps

First built in 2005, the Las Vegas mansion has about 784 square meters of livable space, covering five bedrooms, one pool, and a spa. Photos on popular real estate website Zillow show an opulent residence with high ceilings and huge windows. 

It is located along Trophy Hills Drive, surrounded by luxurious properties, and about 16 minutes away from the famous Las Vegas Strip. The nearest KOJC church is almost half an hour away by car. 

The property is valued at $2.97 million (P165 million), according to 2024 records obtained by Rappler from the Clark County, Nevada Tax Treasurer Office. 

Its land value is assessed at almost $291,900 (P16.21 million) while improvements are estimated to have reached almost $699,911 (P38.9 million). 

The owners are expected to pay $24,031 (P1.33 million) in taxes for fiscal year 2024 to 2025. 

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LAS VEGAS. Deed of sale and screenshot of tax records show information that Quiboloy’s group brought the Las Vegas property in 2016.
Directly linked to Quiboloy

The property was first bought by the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name Inc. in November 2016 for $2.1 million (P116 million), based on public records and the deed of sale obtained by Rappler. The buyer was tagged in the document as “a California Corporation.”

This transaction came six months after Quiboloy’s close ally Rodrigo Duterte was sworn into the presidency. Duterte ruled over Davao City where Quiboloy started his church. The former president even previously admitted to receiving valuable gifts from the pastor throughout the course of their “30-year” friendship. 

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name Inc. first registered as a “stock corporation” in 2016 but its registration is currently suspended, according to records filed with the California Secretary of State. Business entities and companies are registered at the state level in the US. According to California’s Franchise Tax Board, an entity is “typically suspended…for failure to meet its tax requirements,” including failing to submit state tax returns, among others.

The company identified as the owner of the Las Vegas mansion shared the same address with another California-based entity: The Executive Pastor Of The Kingdom Of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc. 

Text, Document
SAME ADDRESS. Two corporations registered in California share the same address that leads to a KOJC church.
License Plate, Transportation, Vehicle
CHURCH. Mailing addresses of the Las Vegas property owners lead to this KOJC church in Los Angeles, California. Screenshot from Google Maps

The two companies’ official mailing address is listed as “14424 Vanowen St, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California,” as indicated in official documents obtained by Rappler. Google Maps showed that the indicated address leads to a KOJC building, with its front bearing the all-too familiar sign present in all of its churches in North America. 

The Executive Pastor Of The Kingdom Of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc., however, went through two name changes. It was first registered as “Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name Inc” in 1996, before becoming “The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name” in March 2002. 

It obtained its current name in February 2017.

The 2002 document that made the name change official was signed by Apollo Quiboloy and Ingrid Canada. They identified themselves as “president and secretary respectively” of the “California nonprofit religious organization.” 

Text, Page, Document
NAME CHANGE. An official document in 2002 identifies Apollo Quiboloy as president of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc in California.

Ingrid’s family is one of the first families to join the KOJC in Davao City, Rappler has learned. She remains one of Quiboloy’s trusted and loyal associates. Her website identifies her as the “Kingdom Nation’s Chief Administrator.”

Quiboloy and Canada are no longer officers of the registered company, at least based on a document just filed on March 13, 2024.

The current officers, however, are still linked to the KOJC. 

The corporation’s chief executive officer is Fernando Taguiang Jr., according to business registration documents. A Facebook post by the KOJC in London, United Kingdom identified him in 2016 as a “New York minister.” 

Ingrid Canada, in a 2023 Facebook post, called a certain Fernando Taguiang Sr. a “faithful kingdom citizen from Dumoy, Davao City, who was baptized in 1987.”

Former property in Hawaii
Indoors, Architecture, Building
HAWAII. Quiboloy’s church used to own this property in Hawaii until it was sold to another corporation in 2018. Photo from Zillo
Suburb, Architecture, Building
BIG HOUSES. The Hawaii property is located in an exclusive residential area. Screenshot from Google Maps

Hawaii, a five-hour plane ride from Las Vegas, is the site of another Quiboloy-linked property. 

The six-bedroom house along Opuakii Place in the city of Kapolei was built in 2009 and is now valued at $1.76 million (P97.71 million). It’s within a gated residential community that has magnificent views of the mountains of Honolulu County on the island of Oʻahu. 

But unlike the multi-million Las Vegas mansion, the Hawaii property is not currently owned by Quiboloy nor the KOJC. They, however, undeniably benefited from its sale as information shows that the house was first transferred to a Quiboloy-linked group for a minimal amount ($101) before it was sold for a higher price in 2021.

The property was first purchased by The Kingdom Of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name in November 2013 for $1.12 million (P62.16 million), according to documents obtained by Rappler. The Hawaii property stayed with the church for five years until it was turned over in July 2018 to a company named David’s Cafe LLC for only $101.

File, Page, Text
SALES. Tax records show that Quiboloy’s church bought the property in 2013 before selling it in 2018.
Sold first to Quiboloy followers after 2018 detention?

A warranty deed obtained by Rappler, however, also showed that the amount was actually just $10, which is what is “typically included in deeds to make the transfer enforceable,” according to real estate websites. The document was signed by Felina Salinas, a KOJC associate who was also indicted in the US. 

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SOLD FOR A SMALL AMOUNT? A document shows that Quiboloy’s church transferred the Hawaii property to David’s Cafe LLC for only $10 in July 2018.

The selling price was significantly lower than its assessed value of $1.36 million (P75.47 million) for that year, based on tax records from Honolulu’s Department of Budget and Fiscal Services. 

KOJC sold the property to David’s Cafe LLC just five months after Quiboloy was temporarily detained in Hawaii in February 2018, after Customs and Border enforcement agencies found $350,000 in undeclared cash and rifle parts in the private plane he was sharing with five other people. One of them was Salinas.

David’s Cafe LLC owned the property for three years, before disposing of it in September 2021 for $1.6 million (P88.79 million). 

Why did the KOJC sell the property for only a meager sum in 2018? Apparently because it was being transferred to an entity it had close ties with. Information related to David’s Cafe LLC showed that it was first registered as a company in 2014 and has strong links to the KOJC, as established by the following facts:

Page, Text, File
SAME ADDRESS. David’s Cafe LLC shares same address as a KOJC church in Hawaii.
License Plate, Transportation, Vehicle
SAME ADDRESS. The address of David’s Cafe LLC leads to a KOJC church in Hawaii. Screenshot from Google Maps
  1. Same address 

The registered mailing address of David’s Cafe LLC leads to a KOJC church on Google Maps. 

Documents obtained by Rappler also show that the building on the indicated address is being leased by The Kingdom Of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name Inc.

Meanwhile, searching the address on Google will lead to a Yelp site for David’s Cafe. Yelp is a webpage where customers can leave reviews about restaurants and other establishments.

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REVIEWS. Comments left by customers on David’s Cafe LLC Yelp website.

One customer wrote in a December 2022 review that “a young girl… just hung around the parking lot with a shopping cart full of products to sell & would come up to you after you park your car.” Another customer also claimed that the sellers said they are raising money for “Children’s Joy Foundation USA.” 

Children’s Joy Foundation is the name of a non-profit organization that was “born out of the vision of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy,” according to its website

  1. Names registered with David’s Cafe LLC are Quiboloy followers

There are three names registered as owners of David’s Cafe LLC, according to its business registration filed with the Hawaii state. Rappler was able to verify the links of two individuals to KOJC – Carlo Catiil and Reinalynn Tolentino.

Adult, Male, Man
SAME CARLO CATIIL? The Carlo Catiil identified in the records of David’s Cafe LLC is the same Carlo Catiil that is linked to KOJC.

Carlo Catiil’s LinkedIn profile identifies himself as a reporter at Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), the Quiboloy-owned media company. A tweet by SMNI on March 6 tagged him as spokesperson of Laban Kasama ang Bayan rally, the event that sought to support Quiboloy and Duterte. 

His links to the KOJC are more obvious on Facebook. His pinned post is a photo of him with Quiboloy. His personal details, meanwhile, include working at the Kingdom Of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name​​. He also identified himself as “business owner at David’s Cafe.” 

Photography, Adult, Male
SAME HOUSE. A January 2018 photo from Carlo Catiil’s Facebook pages shows him with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy infront of the Hawaii property.

Catiil posted a photo in January 2018 that shows Quiboloy in front of the Hawaii property. 

Catiil is also Facebook friends with Tolentino, whose profile also shows photos with Quiboloy and KOJC events. 

More and more scrutiny

These latest discoveries come as authorities both in the US and the Philippines zero in on Quiboloy and the KOJC. 

California Judge Terry Hatter Jr. on March 1 unsealed the warrants and returns against Quiboloy and his associates “upon application of the [US] government and for good cause shown.” 

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As Quiboloy hides, US government moves on arrest warrant

There is no information on what the next move will be in the ongoing hunt for the doomsday preacher, but one previous case indicated that the warrant was unsealed so the government can file a formal request for extradition and share information with the International Criminal Police Organization or Interpol.

An extradition request will, however, have to go through different layers in the Philippine government, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Justice. 

Quiboloy, who enjoys close relations with Duterte, is also being hunted by the Philippine Senate after he failed to appear before congressional hearings on alleged human rights violations committed by his group. But Duterte’s allies among legislators are protecting him.

Vice President Sara Duterte herself defended Quiboloy. In a statement on March 11, the daughter of the former president said that he is being treated unfairly. 

All eyes will be on what the Marcos administration’s next moves will be.

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– with reports from Herbie Gomez/Rappler.com

*$1 = P55

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    Thanks to Jodesz Gavilan and Herbie Gomez for this “front-seat view of the rich and lavish lifestyle of Quiboloy.” Indeed, Pastor Quiboloy has amassed multi-million (not yet a billion?) pesos worth of properties from the sweat, tears, and blood of the lowly exploited and abused KOJC members.

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