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GUIDELINES: Repatriation for Filipinos from travel-banned countries

Michelle Abad
GUIDELINES: Repatriation for Filipinos from travel-banned countries

REPATRIATED. The government repatriates hundreds of distressed overseas Filipinos from Saudi Arabia on June 25, 2021.


The Philippine government has different repatriation procedures per country, but the rule of thumb is to contact your embassy or consulate

The Philippines has banned arrivals from several countries due to the latest COVID-19 surge, especially because of the threat of the coronavirus’ highly infectious Delta variant.

As of July 23, there are nine countries under the Philippines’ travel ban:

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • Oman
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates

Are you a Filipino currently in the any of these countries? Don’t fret – you can still go home, but only through certain repatriation programs and special commercial flights the government organizes.

Some countries have not yet released specific procedures, but the rule of thumb is to contact the Philippine embassy or consulate in the area. You can also contact the Department of Foreign Affairs’ OFW Help Facebook page.

Here’s what you need to do, based on the Philippine posts’ available guidelines per country:

United Arab Emirates


You can get in touch with the Philippine embassy in Abu Dhabi here:

  • +971 54529 4464
  • +971 50896 3089
  • atn6abudhabi@gmail.com

Here are the details for the Philippine consulate general in Dubai:

  • +971 56 417 7558 (WhatsApp only)
  • atn@pcgdubai.ae

According to the Philippine embassy in Muscat, repatriation flights from Oman are for Filipinos in the country who have no pending cases, complaints, or other impediments to their departure from Oman.


  • Accomplish the Request for Assistance Form.
  • Prepare a copy of your Philippine passport.
  • Prepare documents to justify your request:
    • If due to a medical concern, copy of medical report and other related documents.
    • If part of the Oman Ministry of Labor (MOL) waiver program, copy of approval from the website of MOL.
    • If due to termination of employment, copy of termination letter from the employer.
    • If due to an end of contract, copy of contract or notice of end of contract.

Send your request to this email: polomuscatrepatriation@gmail.com. Include your reason for returning to the Philippines, and attach the needed documents.

The following will be given priority:

  • Those with medical conditions, and those who may need immediate medical care in the Philippines
  • Pregnant women in their third trimester of pregnancy with a compelling reason to return to the Philippines
  • Those who have been approved for the Oman MOL program for the waiver of fines and penalties for the expatriate workers, provided that the departure from Oman is permanent
  • Those who have been terminated from their employment
  • Those who have finished their employment

Click here for more details about the repatriation program. Here’s how to contact the embassy in Muscat:

  • (+968) 2460-5335
  • (+968) 2460-5143
  • muscat.pe@dfa.gov.ph
India, Nepal, and Bangladesh

India has yet to release specific guidelines for repatriation. This is the email of the Philippine embassy in New Delhi: newdelhi.pe@dfa.gov.ph.

The consulate in Nepal is under the jurisdiction of the embassy in New Delhi. You can email the details of the consulate general in Kathmandu here: philcongen@voith.com.np.

The embassy in Bangladesh has yet to respond to Rappler regarding its repatriation process. Here is how to contact them:

  • +880 1915-477731
  • dhaka.pe@dfa.gov.ph
Sri Lanka

When asked for specific repatriation guidelines, consulate chief of staff Nalin Perera said there were already ongoing repatriation efforts, but that the consulate was open for inquiries every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Its office is on the fifth floor of the EML Building, 61 W.A.D. Ramanayake Mawatha, Colombo 02.

Here are the contact details for the Philippine consulate in Colombo:

  • Telephone: (+94) 11 4322268, 4322267
  • Mobile: (+94) 77 6656798
  • philcon.cmb@cotrop.net
  • philcon1.cmb@cotrop.net

On August 2, the Philippine embassy in Indonesia posted on its Facebook page that interested Filipinos may accomplish this form if they wish to return to the Philippines.


In an email to Rappler, Malaysia ATN head Leandro Manantan said, “Filipinos in Malaysia who need assistance in returning to the Philippines during the travel ban can send their details to the Embassy, in the event the Embassy mounts a chartered flight.”

Manantan said those who wish to go home can send their details to the following email addresses:

  • klpe.atn@dfa.gov.ph
  • kualalumpurpe.atn@dfa.gov.ph

The Philippine embassy in Thailand is providing two types of assistance for Filipinos who want to go home, depending on their capacity to pay for their flights.

The first type is for Filipinos who need a seat in a flight that has obtained prior authorization from the Philippine Inter-Agency Task Force for Emerging and Infectious Diseases (IATF), and are able to pay for their tickets.

According to Consul Michael Garcia, the travelers have to buy their tickets directly from the airline or the authorized travel agency.

“Those passengers needing assistance are endorsed by the embassy to the airline so they can be given priority in obtaining a flight ticket,” said Garcia.

The second type is for Filipinos who need funding assistance. “Each case is separately evaluated,” Garcia said.

Those who fall under the second type, Garcia said, can send an email request to bangkokpe.consular@dfa.gov.ph.

– with reports from Jamilah Angco, Kristel Ogsimer, and Patricia Kahanap/Rappler.com

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