2022 Philippine Elections

Rappler Talk: Should we ban election substitution?

Rappler Talk: Should we ban election substitution?
Rappler sits down with Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez, who seeks to abolish election substitution. Watch it live on Rappler.

As November 15 approaches, the deadline for substitution for the 2022 elections, discussions are abuzz with the possibility of banning it in future polls.

After President Rodrigo Duterte kept the nation guessing until the last minute in 2016 when he ran through substitution, political parties now use it as the latest addition to their political arsenal.

Seeing this, House Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez filed bills that sought to prevent substitution.

Under House Bill No. 10380, a political party would be prohibited from substituting any candidate unless the latter dies or is disqualified.

House Bill No. 10381, meanwhile, seeks to restore the old provision in the election law that declared an incumbent as resigned upon filing his certificate of candidacy for another position.

Is it time to ban substitution or would it deprive candidates of the right to pull out and parties of the right to replace their candidates? (READ: [EXPLAINER] Should the Comelec prohibit the substitution of candidates?)

Rappler’s congressional reporter, Rambo Talabong, sits down with Rodriguez in this Rappler Talk. – Rappler.com

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