EDSA People Power Revolution

‘Katapusan na’: This 80-year-old nun thought she would die at EDSA

‘Katapusan na’: This 80-year-old nun thought she would die at EDSA
Watch this video interview with Sister Cho Borromeo, an 80-year-old Franciscan nun, who recounts People Power from the perspective of church workers waiting to be bombed

MANILA, Philippines – What will you do if you see military choppers about to bomb you?

In this video interview, 80-year-old nun Sister Cho Borromeo recounts her experience facing imminent death during the People Power Revolution from February 22 to 25, 1986.

“We were crying because the end was near. So we all knelt and waited to be bombed,” Borromeo tells Rappler senior multimedia reporter Paterno Esmaquel II as the nation marks the 38th anniversary of the bloodless revolt.

Borromeo, who belongs to the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, believes that “EDSA was an act of God” – and admits she is “agitated” at attempts to revise the history of People Power. “Those who do the revising, they were not even alive at that time. How dare they?”

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