Netizens on Boracay closure: ‘Hassle, unnecessary!’

Keb Cuevas
Netizens on Boracay closure: ‘Hassle, unnecessary!’
'Pati kaming taga-Aklan talaga hindi makauwi, walang flight pa-Kalibo dahil sa closure na 'yan! Ano lalangoy kami?' tweets one irate netizen

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens took to social media to voice their opinions on President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to shut down Boracay Island for 6 months starting April 26.

Because of the months-long shutdown, commercial flights to Kalibo and Caticlan, both in Aklan province, were immediately cancelled until October 2018. Other flights to nearby provinces were also affected.

Most of the netizens were disappointed since they had scheduled their Boracay visit months ahead of time, only to be cancelled because of the closure. Aklan residents are wondering why the flights were cancelled when they still need air transportation even with the Boracay shutdown.

Some suspect that the construction of an integrated resort-casino in the island is the reason for the closure. 

Others cited the negative impact of the decision on the livelihood of 36,000 people working in the island and business establishments there. Some approved of the move as it will give ample time to rehabilitate Boracay’s landscape and solve its environmental problems.

Duterte first announced his intention to “close” Boracay on February 10, angered by environmental violations of some commercial establishments that, he said, had turned the world-famous beach resort into a “cesspool.”

Here are some of the comments of netizens on Twitter:

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