#PrayForThePhilippines: 'We never know when it's gonna hit'

MANILA, Philippines – Are you prepared for a major earthquake?

On Monday, May 18, government agencies launched The Valley Fault System Atlas, the most detailed and updated map of two major faults within Greater Metro Manila.

Such a map is critical as the Valley Fault System (VSF) is due for a big earthquake within the next 50 years.The atlas is a handbook with 33 map sheets of cities traversed by the East Valley Fault and West Valley Fault.

The West Valley Fault is known to generate big quakes every 400 to 600 years, Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum Jr explained. The last major quake happened 357 years ago in 1658.

With 10 populated areas resting along the fault line, it is important that people are prepared for what may come.

Conversations started online and created at least two Twitter trending topics: West Valley Fault and #PrayForThePhilippines.

The #PrayForThePhilippines trending topic, which trended both in the Philippines and worldwide, is where Twitter users have gone to share their worries over the possible catastrophe that could happen any time.

Between 8 pm- 9 pm on Tuesday, May 19, #PrayForThePhilippines got 22,058,088 impressions.

A few of the most notable and retweeted Tweets are:

EARTHQUAKE IN LUZON TYPHOONS IN VISAYAS WAR IN MINDANAO God bless the Philippines! #PrayForThePhilippines pic.twitter.com/GJS966X2rS — Feelings (@textposts) May 19, 2015

the earthquake makes me worry alot. i pray that everyone will be safe we'll never know when its gonna hit #PrayForThePhilippines — Luke Hemmings (@Luke5SOShahajk) May 19, 2015

Ano nanamang kalokohan 'tong #PrayForThePhilippines!? Ba't nagpa-panic mga tao? HINDI NAPRE-PREDICT ANG LINDOL! — Senyora Santibañez (@Senyora) May 19, 2015

MUST READ! #PrayForThePhilippines pic.twitter.com/jafnWE3JoG — STYLES x HORAN (@MissEkayyy) May 19, 2015


Things to do when there's an earthquake! Keep Safe! #PrayForThePhilippines pic.twitter.com/QbFn86gRoF — Knowledge (@TheKnowledge) May 19, 2015

A 7.2 earthquake might hit the Philippines, I hope you all stay safe. We are all praying for you! #PrayForThePhilippines — OTRA Updates! (@OTRADaily) May 19, 2015

One user mistakenly thought that the Philippines had been hit by a big quake and used the hashtag to urge people to help.

A 7.2 Earthquake just hit the Philippines. We need #PrayForThePhilippines that Jesus will protect them. pic.twitter.com/EG9ygcm9Eu — Fr Matthew Schneider (@FrMatthewLC) May 19, 2015

As always, make sure to tweet responsibly in times of disaster. Use your account to spread information not panic, and stay safe! – Rappler.com

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