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What’s The Big Idea?: Elbert Cuenca on creating restaurants
What’s The Big Idea?: Elbert Cuenca on creating restaurants
Coco Alcuaz hosts 'What's The Big Idea?' – interviews to inspire thought and action
MANILA, Philippines – Elbert Cuenca eschews the name restaurateur, preferring to describe himself as an “entertainer” or even a “song-and-dance man.” In that, he actually captures the job as described in the book Art of the Restaurateur: An extraordinary vision for what their establishment to be, a sixth sense to divine what their customers want to eat and the surroundings to enjoy it in. “The difference between us and any other form of entertainment is we cater to all your senses, every single sense.” More than a movie or a play, he says. Watch Coco Alcuaz interview Elbert on his big idea. – MORE ON ‘WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA?’

Elbert Cuenca on creating restaurants

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