WebHits: Seeing double?
How much attention do you pay to people you've just met?

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MANILA, Philippines – How much attention do you pay to people you’ve just met?

Stuart Edge, a YouTube sensation thanks to his on-the-street pranks and antics, asks you the same question. In this video, he tests people’s ability to recognize faces after a quick chat by switching places with magician Calen Morelli while the person’s back is turned – or vice versa. Calen is taller than Stuart, with different hair color, and a different body build. The people they’ve chosen to prank are even shown a picture of Calen or Stuart beforehand on the premise of testing out a dating app.

Will the unsuspecting test subjects realize they are talking to someone else?

Most people probably like to think they would but as you will see, it isn’t always the case. Would you be fooled?

Watch the clever prank below.