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Natashya is Bureau Chief of Rappler Indonesia, and reports on Indonesian issues for the international audience. Before that, she was a multimedia reporter with Rappler in the Philippines, covering politics, corruption, gender, and investigative stories, among others.

She was awarded several journalism fellowships including the 2015 Asian Journalism Fellowship in Singapore, and the 2014 Reporting ASEAN fellowship. She received the Hildegarde Award for outstanding women in journalism in 2015. Natashya graduated from Yale University with a degree in psychology.

Feb 2018
IN-DEPTH 10:28am, Feb 26, 2018
Bots, Assange, an alliance: Has Russian propaganda infiltrated the Philippines?

AT A GLANCE A Twitter bot used by Russia for propaganda is now exclusively tweeting about the Philippines In 2017, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who also has Kremlin links, tweeted about the ...

IN-DEPTH 12:56pm, Feb 19, 2018
13 years of decline: PH sports nose-dives under Peping Cojuangco

MANILA, Philippines – 13 years is adequate time to change the direction of Philippine sports. Jose Cojuangco Jr, better known as Peping, is 83 years old. 13 is the number of years he has been at the ...

IN-DEPTH 07:34pm, Feb 09, 2018
Can the Philippine gov't protect you from revenge porn, hackers?

AT A GLANCE The Philippines is poorly equipped to fight cybercrime and cyberattacks Israel, second only to the United States in cybersecurity, proves how a small country can succesfully protect its ...

IN-DEPTH 08:31pm, Feb 08, 2018
Why worry about Filipinos online being 'most ignorant'?

MANILA, Philippines – Suicide rates. Number of teenage births. Smartphone owners in the Philippines. Even belief in Heaven, Hell, and God. These were only some of the things Filipinos online were ...

Jan 2018
IN-DEPTH 05:07pm, Jan 28, 2018
Are beauty pageants sexist or a celebration of femininity?

AT A GLANCE From Part 1: Feminists say the country's obsession with beauty pageants is harmful to women, because they encourage women to measure their worth by their physical attributes Defenders ...

Dec 2017
PHILIPPINES 11:58am, Dec 26, 2017
Duterte suggests cremation of fire casualties

MANILA, Philippines – After the bodies were recovered from the mall fire scene on Christmas evening, President Rodrigo Duterte advised families to cremate the bodies of victims. The President, who ...

IN-DEPTH 09:54am, Dec 10, 2017
Why security in the Middle East matters to Southeast Asia

MANAMA, Bahrain – At the Al Noor Ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton, Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, the United Arab Emirates’ Foreign Affairs Minister, addressed a room of some of the Middle East’s top defense ...

Nov 2017
IN-DEPTH 08:00pm, Nov 16, 2017
What #ASEAN2017 accomplished: How much do they matter?

MANILA, Philippines – What did the 10-nation bloc accomplish after a series of meetings during the recently-concluded 31st ASEAN Summit hosted by the Philippines? The meetings saw the region’s ...

ASIA PACIFIC 09:24am, Nov 14, 2017
Duterte, Trump agree 'dignity of human life essential'

MANILA, Philippines – After their first bilateral meeting, the United States and the Philippines – in a show of unity – released a joint statement that included a topic many observers hoped to be ...

ASIA PACIFIC 09:10pm, Nov 13, 2017
IN PHOTOS: Budding friendship between Trump and Duterte

MANILA, Philippines – US President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had nothing but nice words to say about each other as their first few encounters seem to have turned into a ...