Heads up, ice cream lovers! Magnum Minis now come in assorted pack

Heads up, ice cream lovers! Magnum Minis now come in assorted pack
It’s the perfect size to try all three of Magnum's signature flavors - Almond, Classic, and Cookies and Cream

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Picture this: You excitedly go to a convenience store or grocery’s freezer to get yourself a Magnum ice cream bar but there are three indulgent flavors to choose from – Almond, Classic, and Cookies and Cream. 

Your hand goes from Classic to Almond to Cookies and Cream and back to Classic again, not sure which one to pick. Why does it all taste so good? You would probably ask yourself. You can always buy all three of course but what if you also want to eat all three right then and there?

Well, now that should no longer be a problem. Magnum heard you! Magnum Minis now come in an assorted pack. Yes, that’s right! You can now get three flavors, Almond, Classic, and Cookies and Cream Magnum Minis all in one pack. You get six mini versions of Magnum’s best selling ice cream bars. The Magnum ice cream bar you love in the perfect size for everyday indulgence.

It’s also perfect for stocking up on your freezer. They don’t take up much space and not for too long because let’s be honest, it’s hard to resist popping one of these Magnum Minis in our mouths. And you won’t even feel too guilty every time you indulge on a Magnum Mini. Because of its mini size, you can have it during your me-time or just grab one every time you’re feeling stressed or just want to end your day on a sweet note. You can bite into pleasure just about anytime you want!

Whether the weather is sunny or rainy, a Magnum Mini ice cream bar for dessert, merienda, midnight snack, or just anytime you want is always a good idea. So make sure you have enough to last you a long time.

If you’re running low on stock or are looking to indulge yourself, grab a pack of the new assorted Magnum Minis via Shopee, Lazada, GrabFood, or a supermarket and convenience store near you. – Rappler.com