A Special Story 2020: A different kind of caroling concert

A Special Story 2020: A different kind of caroling concert
Press release: Join the Gentle Giants as they swoon you with their Christmas carols on Sunday, November 29, at 8 pm

This is a press release from Boundless Possibilities Foundation, Inc.

This year, Christmas sure will be different. Because of the pandemic, we can expect that social media will be awash with caroling concerts. There’s one caroling concert, however, that will not be like others.

A group of 30 young men and women who have autism and intellectual disabilities, known as the Gentle Giants, will render well-loved Christmas carols and dances set against the Nativity Story in “A Special Story 2020”. The concert will be live-streamed on Facebook on Sunday, November 29, 2020, at 8 pm.

The Gentle Giants are known for their varied talents, mostly in art, music, and sports.

Among them is Lorenzo Burkley, the youngest in the group at 15 and who may well be regarded as a musical genius. Burkley has an unusual gift of playing musical pieces on the keyboard exactly as he hears them after only a week of practice. 

Another Gentle Giant is Vell Baria, who joins the group from the USA, is a talented soprano and blogger. Macky Palomares is able to play several instruments – drums, violin, and keyboards.  

Ian Borleo, the crooner of the group, has performed in many shows. Vico Cham, on the other hand, is an artist who continues to gain recognition for his amazing paintings yet he shows that he can also sing and dance.

Not all of the Gentle Giants have these talents, but there’s one trait that is common to all: their love for music and their sheer joy in being able to give cheer to others.

The Gentle Giants are beneficiaries of Boundless Possibilities Foundation, Inc., a non-profit group that engages young men and women with developmental disabilities in productive community-based activities. Some of the beneficiaries have taken part in the group’s entrepreneurship and supported employment programs. 

Join the Gentle Giants in other ongoing activities in music, art, and sports, including a partnership with a foreign organization that uses their art designs for fashion wear in Inclusive Fashion Sale. For more information, you may contact Cathy Cham at 09175007760 or Beng Prado at 09178122058. –