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By The Numbers: Philippine tourism during a pandemic
By The Numbers: Philippine tourism during a pandemic
Rappler talks to Asian Institute of Management adjunct faculty member Eylla Gutierrez on what can be done to help the tourism industry recover amid challenges

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Editor’s Note: This interview was recorded in late March, before the Greater Manila Area was again placed under lockdown.

In 2020, the contribution of the tourism industry to the Philippines’ gross domestic product fell to 5.4% from 12.8% in 2019.

A year after coronavirus restrictions were first imposed, the Philippines has been opening up tourism destinations to help drive local travel.

Tourism surveys showed that Filipinos have been looking forward to traveling again – mostly for their mental health.

Despite relaxed restrictions, the recovery of the industry is still threatened with more virulent COVID-19 variants and the subsequent increase in cases.

In this episode of By The Numbers, Rappler talks to Eylla Gutierrez, an adjunct faculty member at the Asian Institute of Management, to discuss the tourism landscape in the Philippines and what the government can do to help it recover amid challenges. –

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